Reformation Unit and Lap-n-Note

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Reformation Unit and Lap-n-Note

level 6 study created by Wende

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Note: The Reformation was not a pretty time in history, with much fighting, many religious disagreements and hypocrisies, and martyrdom. All people are sinners and fall short of the glory of God. Be it the Church, the Reformers, the Kings and Queens, or the peasantry, one and all made mistakes. I did my best, using numerous resources old and new, to make an honest and just representation of the people and the times. Caution is recommended presenting the material to sensitive children.

This unit can be completed over a period of a few weeks or a few months. It is designed to be a Lap-n-Note, including both lapbook components and notebooking pages. Individual Reformer lessons and lapbooks can stand alone if you want to use them separately. Or, you can opt to do the unit in its entirety.

Portraits of Faithful Saints by Herman Hanko (online book with biographies of Reformers)

Free MP3 Audio Downloads (in depth online class about church history for upper grades to adults)