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Do you need a scavenger hunt for kids who are stuck indoors?

Get your kids up and moving with this free printable indoor scavenger hunt. Your kids will love running around your house looking for the objects pictured on the printable.

Items You Will Look for with the Printable Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Your student will search around your house for these items:

  • Teddy Bear
  • Blue Crayon
  • Piece of Fruit
  • Red Lego Brick
  • Umbrella
  • Paper Plane
  • Clock
  • Puzzle Piece
  • Dice
  • Key
  • Musical Instrument
  • Button
  • Spoon
  • A Book About a Cat

Bonus items to look for:

  • Something Round
  • Something Soft
  • Something Hard
  • Something Shiny
  • Something Smooth
  • Something Spotty
  • Something Smelly

As your student locates each item, have her color it on the printable page provided.

For extra fun, give your student a magnifying glass and allow him to carefully examine the items as he finds them.

Benefits of the Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Going on a scavenger hunt indoors is great as a go-along with your house theme. It provides many benefits for your student.

  1. Scavenger hunts boost observation skills. As your child looks for objects, he will develop better observation skills.
  2. If you are stuck indoors, looking for items around the house will help your student get the wiggles out.
  3. A scavenger hunt can provide safe sensory input for your student (feel the fuzzy teddy bear, taste the sweet fruit, smell something stinky or strong, listen to a musical instrument, etc.)
  4. If you work on the scavenger hunt as a team, it will promote cooperation and social skills development.
  5. Additionally, the bonus items will increase creative and critical thinking skills as your child has to determine what is soft, what is shiny, what is spotty, etc.

Grab Your Free Printable Indoor Scavenger Hunt

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