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As children experiment and pretend, they learn! You can boost their cognitive and social development with this set of free pizza shop dramatic play printables.

Benefits of Pretend Play

Why should you encourage dramatic play for your preschool and kindergarten students? Because it is brain-building!

Pretend play is beneficial for your little learners because it promotes:

  • creativity and imagination
  • fine motor skills
  • gross motor skills
  • social development
  • communication skills and vocabulary development
  • problem-solving abilities
  • teamwork

What’s Included in the Pizza Restaurant Dramatic Play Set?

This pretend play set includes several fun printables to help you transform your classroom or school room into a pizza restaurant.

Pizza Parlor Pretend Play Signs

The signs are included in the set of printables:

  • Welcome to the Pizza Parlor Sign
  • Open Sign
  • Closed Sign
  • Please Seat Yourself Sign
  • Place To Go Orders Here Sign
  • Pick Up Orders Here Sign
  • Pizza Shop Hours Sign
  • Today’s Special Sign (with a spot for your student to draw or write the daily special; this is a great way to get your students writing)

Pizza Shop Menu and Order Forms

The set also includes a menu and order forms for students to use. You can set up an area with the various toppings (using the ingredient cards and small containers). If you want, use felt to create the toppings or let students use various colors of cardstock to cut out the toppings and put them in the containers. You could use cut up yellow yarn for cheese.

Pizza Restaurant Name Tags

You can laminate these badges then punch holes in them and use yarn to make them into necklaces that your students can wear. Students can then take on the various roles at the restaurant: chef, server, manager, delivery person, and customer.

How to Make a Pizza Sequencing Activity

You can make a small center where students can observe the “How to Make a Pizza” poster and then complete the sequencing activity by coloring, cutting, and pasting.

Other Pizza Shop Printables

In addition to the printables above, the set also includes cell phones (to call the pizza shop), play money, and pizza parlor punch cards (for loyal customers). You’ll want to print these items on cardstock to make them as durable as possible.

Pizza Shop Pretend Play Props

As you transform an area of your classroom into a pizza parlor, consider adding some of these props:

  • Clipboards
  • Red Paper Plates
  • Pizza Boxes (a local restaurant might be willing to donate a few)
  • Hole Punch (for customer loyalty cards)
  • Tablecloths (red and white checked are a nice touch!)
  • Wooden Pizza Play Set (includes a small pizza oven)
  • Felt Pizza Play Set
  • Play Kitchen (if you don’t have one, you could make a pizza oven out of a cardboard box)

Pizza Themed Book List

Add some literacy skills to your dramatic play center by reading some of these fun stories to your little learners:

Get your kids reading with this fun, printable emergent reader: Animals Like Pizza

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