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This Jesse Bear book by Nancy White Carlstrom is a joy to read. It includes rhyme, repetition, and rhythm–all the ingredients your preschool student needs to build literacy skills.

Jesse Bear, what will you wear?
What will you wear in the morning?

My shirt of red
Pulled over my head
Over my head in the morning.

Our Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear lapbook includes eight different learning activities for your student.

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? Lapbook Activities

Jesse Bear’s Healthy Lunch
Examine the illustration of Jesse Bear eating and note the foods Jesse Bear is having for lunch. Can your preschool identify all of them? Count them together.

Is this a healthy lunch? Discuss healthy and unhealthy foods with your student. Help your preschooler cut and paste the food to the plate.

For additional fun, let your preschool student help you cook some of the same items for his or her own lunch.

Jesse Bear Wears a Red Shirt and Blue Pants
What does Jesse Bear wear? Introduce or review the colors red and blue as your student completes this simple fold book.

Find the Bears Game
Hide the bear cards throughout your house. Your student will have fun finding them! After your student finds them, count the cards together.

Can your student find bears hidden throughout the story? Find and count those bears together, too.

What Should I Wear?
This book lends itself well to a discussion on when to wear what. Discuss different weather patterns and what your student could wear if it is sunny, rainy, or snowy.

What does your student wear at night? Why are our nighttime clothes different than our daytime clothes?

Dress Jesse Bear
Use the bear and clothes provided (t-shirt, pants, raincoat, rain hat, winter coat, winter hat, birthday hat, etc.) to dress Jesse Bear.

The Letter B Shape Book
B is for Bear! What does B sound like? What other words begin with the letter B? Use this book to introduce or review the letter B. Pictures are included for bath, butterfly, boat (with bears!), and a bear playing ball.

Jesse Bear’s Family and My Family
Discuss families. Who is part of Jesse Bear’s family? Who is part of your student’s family?

Encourage your preschool student to draw family portraits for Jesse Bear’s family and for his or her own family.

Jesse Bear’s Rhyming Words
This book is full of fun language, including pairs of rhyming words. Help your student learn to hear the rhymes. Your student can use the rhyming cards provided to match rhymes. Rhyming pairs include: red, head; pants, dance; rose, toes; sun, run; sand, hand; and pear, hair.

The cards can be stored in the pocket.

Laundry Letter Matching Game
created by Jay and Jen Geary

Print clothes on different colors of paper (as many as possible). Cut out (laminate, if desired). Put “clothes” in a laundry basket. Have your student match the upper and lowercase letters. You can even make a clothesline!

How to Get Started

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear lapbook.

  1. Buy a copy of the book, Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear, or find it at your local library.
  2. Print the Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear lapbook.
  3. Choose and prepare the lapbook mini-books you want to use.
  4. Enjoy a week of fun-filled learning with your preschool student.

Download Your Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? Lapbook

Simply click the image below to grab your free Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear lapbook.

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? Lapbook

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