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This Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar Lapbook based on Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar book will give your preschool student ample opportunities to learn more about shapes, days of the week, colors, counting, and caterpillars.

What’s Included in the Hungry Caterpillar Lapbook?

This lapbook includes a variety of hands-on learning activities for your preschool student.

It comes in two versions: black and white (for your student to color) and full color.

I See Shapes Layer Book

This layer book includes shapes from the story. You can introduce or review these shapes with your preschool student.

After you make the layer book together, read the story again. What other shapes do you see?

Days of the Week Flap Book

This book presents the perfect opportunity to introduce or review the days of the week.

With this flap book, your student will match what the caterpillar ate to the day of the week in which he ate it.

Counting Pockets

The counting pockets are used to store the number cards and leaf cards. Your student can use the number and leaf cards for counting and matching activities.

Leaf Cards (for Counting Pockets)

The leaf cards aren’t just cards! Your student can use a hole punch to punch the caterpillar munches in the leaves. Count as you go!

Number Cards (for Counting Pockets)

After your student has punched the holes in the cards, use the cards to match the number of holes to the numbers.

My Book of Colors

Review colors with this mini-book. Look back through the illustrations in The Very Hungry Caterpillar and play “I Spy Colors.”

All About Caterpillars Fan Book

Learn more about caterpillars as you read through these facts with your student.

Caterpillar Life Cycle Circle Books

This sequencing activity can help your student recall the events in the story and learn about the life cycle of a caterpillar at the same time.

How to Get Started with Your Hungry Caterpillar Lapbook

Follow these simple instructions to get started with this lapbook:

  1. Buy or borrow The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Read it to your student. If you spend a week making this lapbook, be sure to read the story to your student each day.
  2. Gather the supplies needed to make the lapbook: scissors, crayons, glue, hole punch, and a file folder.
  3. Print the Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar Lapbook. You can choose between the black and white version (includes a lot of opportunities for coloring) or the full color version.
  4. Choose and prepare the mini-books you want to use with your student.
  5. Enjoy a week of reading and learning all about counting, colors, caterpillars, and more!

Sample Lapbook

This lapbook was made with one file folder.

Buy Your Hungry Caterpillar Lapbook

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