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Add this fine motor boosting activity to your farm themed activities. Your students will love rolling, twisting, and pinching playdough for the horse playdough mat printables.

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Benefits of Playing with the Horse Playdough Mat Printables

When we think of playdough play, we know that all the squishing, turning, and sticking boosts fine motor skills, but playing with playdough also develops creativity, problem-solving skills, and language.

Playdough play encourages creativity and imagination. Your student will need to imagine and build the horse’s mane. Students will use playdough to add details to the mats as well.

Children can try different approaches to completing the tasks without breaking anything—because it’s just dough! Your student might make some horse hair and decides that she doesn’t like it–no problem. Just start again with a new idea. This encourages problem-solving skills.

Creating with playdough is also wonderful for children because it gives them a sense of pride when they complete the mat.

What’s Included in the Horse Playdough Mats?

The file includes three options:

  1. The first option is a horse needing a mane and an award.
  2. The second option is a horse needing a mane (guided lines are provided).
  3. The final option is a horse without any guidelines. This allows your student maximum creativity to add details to the horse.

How to Get Started with the Horse Playdough Mat Printables

1. Laminate the playdough mats or put each one in a dry erase pocket or page protector.

2. Give your student playdough and let her imagine and build a horse.

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