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Boost literacy and learning with this fun spelling activity for a farm theme.

Benefits of Spelling with Letter Tiles

Some students are ready to spell, but have a hard time with handwriting. This hands-on activity gives them the opportunity to practice spelling words without worrying about moving a pencil.

It also mixes up your regular routine with an engaging activity.

Spelling with word tiles will develop phonics skills.

Since the letters are provided on the page for your student, the spelling activity provides confidence. Your student will get every word right!

What’s Included in the Farm Spelling Word Activity?

This fun spelling activity was created to go with your farm theme. It includes cards for these eight farm animal words:

  • cat
  • pig
  • dog
  • cow
  • lamb
  • hen
  • goat
  • duck

How to Prepare the Farm Themed Spelling Word Activity

This spelling activity is super simple to prepare.

  1. Print the cards on cardstock.
  2. If desired, laminate the cards.
  3. You could hole punch the spelling cards and add them to a ring if this will make the task easier for your student.
  4. Put magnetic letter tiles on cookie sheet. If you don’t have magnetic letter tiles, you could use Scrabble tiles or Banangrams tiles.

How to Use the Fun Spelling Activity

Once you have everything ready, give your student the cookie sheet with the letter tiles and the cards. Show your student how to spell a word. Start with the letter on the left and move to the right.

If you want to boost phonics while completing this activity, demonstrate how to sound out each letter.

When your student finishes a word, give a word of encouragement.

Get Your Fun Spelling Activity for a Farm Theme

Simply click on the image below to grab your free spelling activity.

Farm Spelling Activity

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