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Into the woods and off we go to play some engaging math games. Snag our set of free Forest Roll and Cover Dice Games and enjoy math practice.

Benefits of the Forest Roll and Cover Math Games

Roll and cover games are fun! They are also an effective educational tool that can help kids learn basic math skills. Students will add, subtract, and manipulate number quantities in order to cover their boards.

Roll and Cover Games are easy to use. A student can use these games for independent math practice.

If you are looking for our entire selection of roll and cover games, try this page.

Supplies Needed for the Forest Roll and Cover Dice Games

Your student will need one game board, dice, and a small manipulative to use to cover the spots on the board.

You can use a variety of manipulative to cover the dots on the game board: brown or green pompoms, fake leaves, real leaves, plastic spiders, circle counters, buttons, or even green playdough pieces shaped as leaves.

Before giving your student a game board, you may wish to laminate it or put it in a sheet protector.

How to Play Single Player Roll and Cover Addition

Let the student choose one of the forest themed math game boards.

Give student the dice and manipulatives.

Player throws the dice and adds the sum of both. For example, if the player throws a 3 and a 4, the total is 7.

The player can then cover anything equal to the sum, seven. So, the player could cover 3+4, 2+5, or 7.

The player chooses whether she wants to roll one die or both. This becomes important as more numbers are covered.

If the player cannot use the throw to cover numbers (i.e. if the player’s dice total is 7 but the 3, 4, 2, 5, and 7 are already covered), the player should re-roll.

Player continues until all of the spots on the game board are covered.

How to Play Single Player Roll and Cover Subtraction

Player throws the dice and subtracts the smaller number from the larger number.

The player can cover any spot equal to the difference.

If the player cannot use the throw to cover a number, the player should re-roll.

How to Play a Multiplayer Roll and Cover Game 

Print the same forest roll and cover game board for each player.

Players take turns throwing the dice and covering the numbers on the board.

If a player cannot use the throw to cover numbers, the player loses his turn and the next player rolls.

The first player to cover every number on the board wins.

Alternatively, players could use one board to work cooperatively to complete the entire board.

What’s Included in the Forest Roll and Cover Math Games Set?

The Forest Roll and Cover Math Games file includes four game boards:

  • Mushrooms in the Forest Addition Game Board
  • Deciduous Trees Addition Game Board
  • Pine Forest Subtraction Game Board
  • Foxes in the Forest Subtraction Game Board

Each game board comes in a full color version as well as a black and white version. For the black and white versions, your student could roll and color instead of roll and cover.

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