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Are you looking for an easy, engaging way for your preschooler to learn number quantities? Try this free printable Flower Matching Game.

Flower Matching Game Preparation

This game requires a bit of printing and cutting, but it is easy to set up.

Print the matching cards on cardstock.

If desired, glue scrapbook paper pages to the backs of the card pages. This is not necessary, but it will give the cards a finished look. If you don’t have scrapbook paper, you could use colored paper.

Cut apart the cards.

You’re ready to play the game!

Flower Memory Matching Game Instructions

This game is similar to any memory matching game. Your goal is to match the number on the flower to the correct number of dots on the stems.

  1. Mix up the cards. Put them in rows, face down.
  2. Players take turns choosing two cards to turn over.
  3. If the two cards match, keep them and take another turn. If the two cards do not match, turn them back over. The turn is over.
  4. Let the next player have a turn.
  5. Continue until all cards have been matched.
  6. Count the matches.
  7. The player who has the most matches is the winner.

That’s it. Simple and educational!

If you don’t want to play a two player game, you could give your students the cards and let her use them for a simple matching activity.

Get Your Free Flower Memory Matching Game

Simply click on the image below to get started with your free memory game.

Free Number Matching Game

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