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Are you planning a transportation theme or lesson plan for your preschool students? Add some extra fun and include these free Car Color Matching Worksheets.

These simple print and go color matching activity pages are perfect for learning or recognizing colors and practicing fine motor skills at the same time.

Ten colors are included in this color matching activity: green, red, blue, orange, yellow, purple, brown, gray, black, and pink.

How to Use The Car Color Matching Worksheets

The color matching printable is simple to use.

  1. Print the activity pages for your student.
  2. Laminate the pages.
  3. Review the colors.
  4. Give your student a dry erase marker.
  5. Show your student how to help the taxis zoom to the stop signs. Draw a line from the green taxi to the green stop sign. Student can continue with the other four sets as well as the second page.

You can encourage your student to get the job done by pretending that taxis need to get passengers to their destinations! However, the cars have to obey the traffic laws. Can you help the taxis by drawing a line from the taxi to the stop sign of the same color?

Benefits of the Car Colors Matching Activity

These car colors matching pages promote color recognition. You can also use them to boost fine motor skills. Students will use fine motor skills to draw lines from the taxi cabs to the stop signs.

If you want to reuse the set, simply put the page in a dry-erase pocket and let your student use a dry erase marker. Multiple students can benefit from the same set if you use it with dry-erase pockets or markers.

Download Your Free Car Color Matching Worksheets

To grab your free copy of the Car Colors Matching Activity, simply click on the image below.

Car Color Matching Worksheets

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