Merry Christmas with Virginia Kahl!

If you have ever enjoyed the classic story The Duchess Bakes a Cake, then you are already familiar with children’s author, Virginia Kahl. Kahl’s fun rhyming stories are sure to put a smile on your face, and we are happy to announce that we have a brand new unit study at Homeschool Share–Plum Pudding for Christmas!


We’ve also added lessons and lapbook printables to go with any Virginia Kahl book you choose! Study includes lessons for The Middle Ages, Europe, Germany, Austria, Coat of Arms, the seven continents, castles, and more!


And, we are thrilled to announce that we now offer a complete unit study and lapbook for one of our all-time favorites–
The Duchess Bakes a Cake! Lessons include: Medieval Occupations, archery, feudal society, leavening, catapults, repetition, alliteration, prepositions, dozens, copywork, skip counting, drawing motion, complementary colors, and more!


You will find all three of these studies and coordinating printables right here. Keep your eye on that page because there just might be more units for Kahl books in the near future!

Enjoy the new studies and these delightful stories. Merry Christmas!

5 Free Unit Studies Based on Don Freeman Books

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Don Freeman was born on August 11, 1908.  He loved writing and illustrating children’s books, and he is famous for bringing to life a beloved bear named Corduroy.

We happen to like Corduroy and Don Freeman a lot at Homeschool Share; we offer FIVE unit studies based on his books.

1. Corduroy Lapbook Printables and Activities
For your youngest students (ages 2-4), we have a Corduroy Lapbook. Color, cut, paste, learn about rhyming words, find a mystery toy, make button patterns, and more! Don’t miss this one.

2. A Pocket for Corduroy Unit Study Lessons and Lapbook Printables
If you enjoy the Corduroy Lapbook with your preschooler, you should also try our A Pocket for Corduroy Unit Study. Lisa takes her beloved bear to the Laundromat where Corduroy realizes he doesn’t have any pockets. Corduroy goes on a funny journey looking for one. In the end, Lisa sews a pocket on Corduroy’s green overalls, and tucks his name inside.

3. Dandelion Unit Study Lessons and Lapbook Printables
Ages 4-6 will have fun with a Level 2 unit based on Freeman’s book, Dandelion. Dandelion reminds us all that we don’t need to try to impress our real friends. Lessons include: lions, weather, listmaking, being yourself, counting, shapes, occupations, learning your address, and more!

4. Squirrel Unit Study Lessons and Lapbook Printables
Earl the Squirrel is one of Freeman’s lesser known books, but Earl’s adventure is one worth reading. Our Squirrel Unit Study and Lapbook incorporates this book for the main lessons. Targeted age group: ages 4-8.

5. Norman the Doorman Unit Study Lessons and Printables
Our unit based on Freeman’s Norman the Doorman is for ages 8-10 and includes a wide range of topics for study: Greece/Greek Myths,  armor, museums, hobbies, mice, snow, iron, bronze, cheese, simile, singular/plural, capitalization, homophones, fractions, doing your best, sculpture, and more!

You can choose one (or more) of these units and celebrate the work of Don Freeman this month!

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Fun Summer Unit Studies: Butterflies

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Summer is the perfect time to study all things creeping, crawling, and flying. Lots of children are fascinated by caterpillars and the metamorphosis they undergo.

Your little learners can enjoy our Very Hungry Caterpillar unit study and printables.

Your older students will absorb lots of information from our Butterfly Lapbook lessons and printables.

Butterfly Lifecycle Craft

Check out this simple pasta craft depicting the lifecycle of the butterfly.

Supplies Needed: shell pasta, bow tie pasta, spiral pasta, 3 navy beans, a twig, green construction paper (for leaves), and a paper plate.

Directions: Ask your student to draw a + on her paper plate. Write the four stages of the lifecycle on the plate: eggs, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly. Cut out two leaves from the construction paper. Glue one to the eggs section. Add three beans for eggs. Glue another leaf to the caterpillar section. Add the spiral pasta. Glue the twig to the chrysalis section. Add the shell pasta. Finally, glue the bow tie pasta to the butterfly section. Add antenna with a marker.

Easy and effective!

If you’d like to give your butterfly study a boost, add other snack, craft, project, and art ideas from our butterfly themed Pinterest board.

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