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Free Over in the Meadow Lapbook

Over in the Meadow Lapbook
Created by Lisa Moore

Animal Action Game & Pocket
Number Matching Puzzles
My Animal Book (with facts)
If I Were an Animal**
Hotdog Book Instructions
Animal Homes Matching Matchbooks
M book
My Animal Book (primary tracing)
Color Wheel Number Rhyme Flap Book My Animal Book (HWT tracing)  

You may want to print this Rebus Rhyme (print 4 pages to one page) and include as a mini book in your lapbook.

Other Activities
Add a verse to the song or make up a new verse!

If I Were an Animal Instructions
**Help your student fill in the blanks.  Here is a sample:
If I were an animal
I would be a monkey
I would live in the jungle
In the largest tree
I would live with my eight monkey brothers
We would swing in the tree
And we would swing really high

Let your student add illustrations (or cut/paste pictures from magazines or stick stickers on the pages)

Library List
Over in the Grasslands by Anna Wilson
Over in the Ocean in a Coral Reef by Marianne Berkes
Way Out in the Desert by T. J. Marsh and Jennifer Ward
Somewhere in the Ocean by Jennifer Ward and T. J. Marsh
Over in the Garden by Jennifer Ward
Way up in the Arctic by Jennifer Ward
Over in the Meadow Jan Thornhill
Over in the Meadow a Counting Rhyme by Olive Wadsworth
Over in the Meadow by Jane Cabrera
Over in the Meadow by Louise Voce