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These printable activities are based on the book Truman’s Aunt Farm by Jama Kim Rattigan.

When Truman sends away for an ant farm and aunts begin arriving at his doorstep instead, he takes the situation in hand by creating a farm that trains aunts.

Truman’s Aunt Farm Printable Activities

The Truman’s Aunt Farm printable pack includes these activities:

Truman’s Aunt Farm is the perfect introduction to homophones since the entire story revolves around the confusion between ant and aunt.

1. Homophones Activity Page
Read the sentences together. Choose the correct homophone picture and color it.

2. Homophone Riddles (2 pages)
Print on cardstock. Cut apart. Let your student match the words and definitions for some super silly homophone fun!

3. Homonym vs. Homophone
Use the matchbooks to learn the differences between homonyms and homophones.

The Truman’s Aunt Farm printable pack also includes these learning activities:

1. Math Story Problems

2. I Spy Insects (using Tally Marks)
Go outside and see how many insects you can find. Teach your student how to use tally marks like Truman did in the story. If desired, graph the insects on the following page.

3. Letter Writing
Review the five parts of a friendly letter: heading, greeting, body,
closing, and signature. Use the form provided to write a letter to your Aunt. You can type right on the page.

4. Truman’s Aunt Farm copywork page
Complete this page in your very best handwriting. An older student may want to choose other passages from the story to copy on his own handwriting paper.

5. Cake Baking!
Bake an Ant Hill cake.

6. Thumbprint Ants
Make thumbprint ants. Draw an ant hill on a piece of paper, color it brown. Then use black ink to put ants on your ant hill. Draw six legs on the ant and compound eyes.

How to Get Started with Your Truman’s Aunt Farm Printables

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the Truman’s Aunt Farm printables.

  1. Buy or borrow Truman’s Aunt Farm.
  2. Choose and prepare the printables you want to use with your student.
  3. Enjoy a week of reading and learning with Truman’s Aunt Farm!

Get Your Free Truman’s Aunt Farm Printables

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Truman’s Aunt Farm Printables

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