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Oh no! Did someone say monsters? Don’t worry. These cute and friendly monsters are helpers, and they don’t like to scare kids.

Grab the Monster Cutting Practice Pages and let the silly beasts help your student develop scissor skills.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Monster Cutting Practice Pages?

When your student practices cutting, he is learning more than just how to use scissors. Your student experiences multiple benefits.

  • Learning to use scissors helps a child develop focus as they look at the paper and determine where to cut.
  • Scissor skills work and strengthen a child’s hand muscles.
  • Using scissors builds fine motor muscles that will be used for other tasks such as handwriting.
  • Scissor skills boost two-handed coordination.
  • When your student finishes a cutting page, he will develop confidence that he can complete a task.

What’s Included in the Monster Cutting Worksheets?

This set of fun and friendly Monster Cutting Pages includes six different cut and color activity pages.

Most of the monsters are happy, but you might find a grumpy one (which gives you the opportunity to discuss emotions with your student)!

How to Use the Monster Cut and Color Pages

  1. Print the cutting pages.
  2. Let your student choose one.
  3. Encourage your student to color the picture.
  4. Encourage your student to cut out the picture, using the lines provided.
  5. Don’t worry about perfection, especially if your student hasn’t mastered the skill of cutting yet.

If desired, let your student glue the monster to a piece of construction paper and give the art away to an aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, or friend!

Grab Your Set of Free Monster Cutting Practice Pages

Simply click on the image below to get your free set of Monster Cutting Pages.

Monster Cutting Practice Pages

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Grab this pack of early learner printables and add to your monster themed unit.

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