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They crawl, hum, fly, and buzz–and kids love learning about them! What are they? Insects! Grab our set of free Insects Worksheets, and help your student learn all about these interesting invertebrates.

Insect Notebook Research

Your student will need to research in order to complete the notebook pages. You can check out a variety of books about beetles, dragonflies, fireflies, and grasshoppers at your local library, or you can use reliable websites.

Here are a few recommended websites for your beetle research:

Insects Worksheets: Beetle

Beetles, beetles, beetles! They are everywhere–from the cold north to hot deserts, and there are over 300,000 different kinds of beetles in the world. Grab our set of Beetle Notebook Pages and start learning about these interesting insects.

What’s Included in the Beetle Printables?

You’ll find a variety of activity pages and worksheets in the Beetle Notebook Pages.

  • Beetle Notebook Cover
  • Beetle Word Find (learn and review words related to beetles)
  • Life Cycle of a Beetle Diagram Page
  • Life Cycle of a Beetle Activity Page
  • Anatomy of a Beetle Diagram
  • Label a Beetle Activity Page
  • Types of Beetles Chart
  • Beetle Matching
  • Beetle Facts Notebook Page (includes spaces to write about a beetle’s anatomy, habitat, diet, defenses, and predators)
  • All About Beetles 3-2-1 Organizer

Here is a great video about beetles.

Insects Worksheets: Dragonflies

Dragonflies are fascinating insects. There are around 7,000 species of dragonflies all over the world and they can be found in almost every country.

Dragonflies can live up to 2 years and eat just about anything that they catch in their webs: bugs, spiders, bees, and other dragonflies.

What’s Included in the Dragonfly Printables?

Learn all about the dragonfly’s life cycle, anatomy, and more with the activity pages included in the set of insect printables.

  • Dragonfly Notebook Cover
  • Dragonfly Life Cycle Diagram
  • Dragonfly Life Cycle Activity Page
  • Dragonfly Anatomy Diagram
  • Label a Dragonfly Activity Page
  • Dragonfly Vocabulary Pages (one with words and one without words, allowing your student to choose which words to include)
  • Comparing Insects Activity Page
  • Dragonfly Identification Page
  • Dragonflies Can, Have, Are . . . Worksheet
  • All About Dragonflies 3-2-1 Organizer

Learn even more about Dragonflies with our Dragonfly Lapbook.

Insects Worksheets: Fireflies

Fireflies flashing through the night sky is one of my favorite parts about summer. Fireflies are also known as lightning bugs.

They emit a light from within themselves to attract mates. The males will flash their lights while the females will wait for a male to find them.

What’s Included in the Firefly Printables?

Fireflies are fun to learn about since they are a unique insect. The insect printable pack includes several different options for helping your student learn all about fireflies.

  • Fireflies Notebook Cover
  • Firefly Life Cycle Diagram
  • Life Cycle of the Firefly Activity Page
  • Firefly Anatomy Diagram
  • Label the Firefly Activity Page
  • Firefly Facts Notebook Page (includes spaces to write about a firefly’s anatomy, habitat, diet, defenses, and predators)
  • Firefly Observations Page
  • Firefly New Words Page (record new words and definitions)
  • All About Fireflies 3-2-1 Organizer

Insects Worksheets: Grasshopper

Grasshoppers are insects that live primarily in grasslands or forests, but can also be found in gardens. While their brown or green coloring helps them blend into the ground & plants, they are easily spotted during a walk through a grassland–they will be hopping and leaping everywhere!

What’s Included in the Grasshopper Printables?

The insect printables include a set of pages to learn all about grasshoppers.

  • Grasshopper Notebook Cover
  • Grasshopper Life Cycle Diagram
  • Grasshopper Life Cycle Activity Page
  • Grasshopper Anatomy Diagram
  • Label a Grasshopper Activity Page
  • Grasshopper Life Cycle Stages Crack the Code
  • Grasshoppers Can, Have, Are Worksheet
  • I Can Compare Grasshoppers and Locusts Activity Page
  • All About Grasshoppers Notebook Page

How to Get Started with the Insect Activity Pages

  1. Print the pages you think will interest your student. Your student can choose to learn about just one insect, or your student can make a super huge binder about all four insects.
  2. Grab some books from the library or show your student how to use reliable websites for research.
  3. Let your student complete the pages.
  4. Three-hole punch the pages and add them to a folder or binder to create a portfolio your student will be proud to display and show off!

Grab Your Set of Free Insects Worksheets

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Insects Lapbook

If you’d rather create a lapbook, or if you’d like to add more printables to an Insects Notebook, check out our Insects Lapbook.

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