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Learn letter recognition and boost fine motor skills with this set of If You Give a Dog a Donut alphabet playdough mats.

Benefits of Playing with the Alphabet Playdough Mats

When we think of playdough play, we know that all the squishing, twisting, and turning boosts fine motor skills, but playing with playdough can also increase literacy skills.

As your child works on the letter mat, he will roll and pinch dough to create the letters. You can also use this as an opportunity to introduce or review the shape of the letter.

If your student is ready, use the playdough mat to teach the letter sound as well.

Creating with playdough is also wonderful for children because it gives them a sense of pride when they complete a task.

What’s Included in the If You Give a Dog a Donut Alphabet Playdough Mats?

This printable set includes ten alphabet playdough mats. The mats relate to the objects found in If You Give a Dog a Donut.

  • A is for Apple
  • B is for Baseball
  • D is for Dog
  • D is for Donut
  • G is for Glove
  • J is for Juice
  • K is for Kite
  • P is for Patch
  • S is for Sticks
  • W is for Water

Each playdough mat comes in two options: full color or black and white. Simply pick the best option for your student and print it.

How to Get Started with the Alphabet Playdough Mats

The alphabet playdough mats are easy to use.

  1. Read If You Give a Dog a Donut by Laura Numeroff.
  2. Print the mats. Choose black and white or full color. If you don’t want full page mats, you could change your printer settings to print two per page.
  3. Laminate the playdough mats or put each one in a dry erase pocket or page protector.
  4. Give your student playdough and let him complete the activities (right on the mats!). Encourage him to build the letter as well as the object.
  5. Review the letter name and sound with your student. Can your student think of any other objects in the book that begin with the same letter? (For example, dog and donut both begin with the letter d.) Look through the illustrations and try to find other words that begin with the same letter.

Get Your Free Alphabet Playdough Mats

Simply click on the image below to snag your free set of alphabet playdough mats.

If You Give a Dog a Donut Playdough Mats

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