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Games are a great way to engage preschool students and teach new skills. Try this House Lotto Game with your young student.

Benefits of the House Lotto Game

Lotto games are a great resource for preschool students. They help build these skills:

  • visual discrimination
  • language (new vocabulary words)
  • literary awareness (seeing words in print with corresponding pictures)
  • learning how to take turns

Lotto games aren’t just educational, they are also fun and give you the opportunity to make fun memories with your student.

How to Play the House Lotto Game

This game can be played with 2-6 players.

Each player should choose a board and find the tiles that match his or her board. Turn all of the tiles over and mix them up.

The first player should draw a picture tile from the pile. If the picture matches the player’s board, the player keeps the tile and puts it on his board. If it does not match, the player puts it back into the pile. The next player gets a turn.

The game is continued in this way until one player has found all six of his or her tiles and wins the game.

Once my son learned how to play lotto, we would play with two boards each to add to the challenge of seeking and finding the correct tiles.

Cooperative Play Instructions

Alternatively, you can use the lotto boards for cooperative play and everyone can work together to fill the boards.

This is a great option for littles who are ready to learn how to take turns, but they aren’t ready to lose the game.

What’s Included in the House Lotto Game?

This lotto game includes six game boards. Game boards include the following vocabulary for your student:

  • kite
  • drum
  • wagon
  • ball
  • yo-yo
  • bubbles
  • soap
  • cotton swab
  • bed
  • hairbrush
  • clock
  • toothbrush
  • ladder
  • house
  • mailbox
  • fence
  • door
  • hose
  • teapot
  • bowl
  • pitcher
  • toaster
  • oven
  • utensils
  • picture
  • radio
  • fish bowl
  • table
  • quilt
  • vacuum
  • jeans
  • shirt
  • glasses
  • hat
  • watch
  • underwear

How to Get Started with the Lotto Game

  1. Print the game boards and tiles on cardstock.
  2. Cut out the game boards.
  3. Cut out the tiles.
  4. If desired, laminate the pieces in order to make them durable.
  5. Store everything in a large plastic bag.

Download Your Free Lotto Game

Simply click on the image below to access your free House Lotto Game. Have fun!

Around the House Lotto Game

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