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Add some fun to your holiday lessons when you catch this set of Gingerbread Printables.

Gingerbread Printables Activities

Grab our Gingerbread Printable Pack and have fun with these hands-on activities:

Gingerbread Memory Matching Game
Use the cards to play a fun gingerbread matching game.

Build the Gingerbread Words (reading and spelling practice)
Using Scrabble Tiles, alphabet stamps, magnetic alphabet tiles, or another manipulative of your choice, build the words. After your student has built the words a few times, let her read them to you.

What Numbers Are Next? (addition, number order)
Add the dice that the animals are holding. Write the numbers that come after the sum.

Word Find (visual discrimination, literacy)
Find a word. Color in the squares. Find another word. Color the squares with a different color. Continue until all words are found.

Tally Mark Math (visualization, understanding quantities)
Let your student draw the correct number of tally marks in each box (to correspond with the Gingerbread Man’s candy).

Eat a Gingerbread Man Game (number recognition, taking turns)
Use real gingerbread cookies for this game. Take turns rolling the dice. After you’ve eaten the head, legs, and arms (by rolling), go ahead and eat the body! The first person to eat their entire cookie wins the game!

Gumdrop Patterns  (visual discrimination)
Print on cardstock and laminate, if desired. Using the pieces, start some patterns on your table; let your student finish them. What patterns can she make on her own? Store the pieces in an envelope. If you are making a notebook, you can glue the envelope to a page in your notebook.

Number Maze (number recognition, counting to 20)
Practice counting to twenty with this number maze.

Gingerbread Book List

You do not need these exact books for these Gingerbread Printables. Please use whatever gingerbread books your library has available and read, read, read to your child.

Reading is great for language development, literacy skills, and snuggling; it is the best thing you can do with your preschool or kindergarten student.

Download Your Set of Free Gingerbread Printables

Simply click on the image below to grab your free set of Gingerbread Printables.

Gingerbread Printable Pack

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