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Boost creative thinking and fine motor skills with your kids while playing this Roll a Gingerbread House Game.

Supplies Needed to Play the Gingerbread House Game

This dice game is quick and easy to prepare for your kids. Gather these supplies:

  • pencils
  • dice
  • colored pencils, crayons, or markers–to finish decorating the gingerbread house after the game is finished.

Each player will also need a copy of the printable gingerbread house gameboard.

Please note: You have TWO options for this game–an easy version for preschool and kindergarten as well as a harder version for elementary students. Simply choose and print the version that works best for you.

How to Play the Gingerbread House Dice Game

This can be a single player game, but it’s more fun when others join in.

If you are a classroom teacher, you can put your students in groups or with partners to play the game.

After the kids complete their gingerbread houses, encourage them to color and decorate it. You could also ask them to add a background scene (a sky, grass, smoke rising out of the chimney, etc.).

Easy Gingerbread Drawing Game

This simple version includes basic shapes that are easier for preschool and kindergarten students to draw.

Take turns rolling the dice and drawing. Each player will roll six times. The number rolled is the number of items the student will add.

  • Roll One: Pink Diamond Candy
  • Roll Two: Yellow Star
  • Roll Three: Red Heart
  • Roll Four: Orange Semicircle (gumdrop)
  • Roll Five: Green Circle
  • Roll Six: Peppermint Rectangle

Grab the easy version of the gingerbread house game here.

More Difficult Gingerbread Drawing Game

This alternate version includes more difficult candies for the students to draw and add to their gingerbread houses. Students will roll eight times. The number rolled is the number of items the student will add.

  • Roll One: Candy Cane
  • Roll Two: Gingerbread Cookie
  • Roll Three: Yellow Star
  • Roll Four: Jellybeans
  • Roll Five: Red Heart
  • Roll Six: Green Peppermint
  • Roll Seven: Orange Gumdrop
  • Roll Eight: Purple Swirl Candy

Grab the advanced version of the gingerbread house game here.

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