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Have fun on the farm with these Farm Tracing Lines Worksheets. Your preschool student will love helping the farmers and the farm animals complete tasks.

Benefits of Tracing for Preschoolers

Tracing lines can help develop multiple skills for your preschool students. In addition to building fine motor skills, tracing also develops other essential skills.

Tracing can do the following for your student:

  • Refines pre-writing skills; helps get your child ready to learn how to write the alphabet
  • Builds hand-eye coordination
  • Increases concentration and focus
  • Encourages drawing and creativity
  • Promotes confidence

What’s Included in the Farm Tracing Pages Printable Pack?

Each page includes three lines to trace. You’ll find a variety of lines throughout the pack: wavy lines, zig zag lines, curved lines, and more.

The printable file includes the following pages:

  • Three full color pages with tracing exercises.
  • Three black and white pages with tracing exercises.

The pages also include prompts to entice your student to trace. Some examples of the prompts include:

  • Help the farmer find the goat.
  • Move the cow to the barn.
  • Help the rabbit hop away from the goose.
  • Help the farmer find the tractor.
  • Move the mouse to the field.

These prompts will provide your student with a sense of purpose while completing the tracing exercises. Finishing a page will help build your student’s confidence.

Preparing the Farm Tracing Lines Worksheets

  1. Decide if you will use the black and white version or the full color version.
  2. Print the pages.
  3. If using the black and white version, give your student a crayon or pencil to trace the lines. If your student hasn’t mastered the pincher grip, use a broken crayon piece to help your student hold the crayon correctly.
  4. If using the full color version of the Farm Tracing Pages, laminate them. Alternatively, you could put them in page protectors or dry-erase pockets. Let your student use a dry-erase marker to trace the lines.

When you model how to use the tracing pages, show your student how to move from left to right.

Grab Your Set of Free Preschool Tracing Pages

Simply click on the image below to grab your free set of Farm Tracing Pages.

Farm Tracing Pages

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