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Sneak in some educational fun with this set of donut themed code breaker puzzles.

Benefits of Code Breaker Puzzles for Kids

Code breaker puzzles are tons of fun, but they also include brain building educational benefits.

  • Code breakers help kids develop pattern recognition.
  • Solving coded puzzles also helps kids with deductive reasoning.
  • Once a student is interested in codes, she can use creative thinking skills to create a new one!

What’s Included in the Code Breaker Puzzles

This set of printable code breaker puzzles includes seven cards with donut jokes and answers. The answers are coded, so students have to look at the secret code card to determine the joke’s answer.

Donut Joke Examples:

  • Why did the baker stop making donuts? He was tired of the hole business.
  • Why do basketball players eat donuts? They love to dunk them!

Note: All of the coded joke answers are found on the instruction page.

How to Prepare the Donut Themed Code Breaker Puzzles

The puzzle cards are simple to use.

  1. Print the pages.
  2. Cut apart the code card and the task cards.
  3. If desired, laminate cards for durability (and reusability).
  4. Give student a dry erase marker.
  5. Show student how to use the code to reveal answers to the jokes.

If your student enjoys this activity, encourage him to use the donut code to write coded jokes or riddles. He might even want to create his own code and give it to a friend.

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