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The tree is bare, but it’s fall and it should have some beautiful fall leaves. Your student can help add leaves to the tree with this interactive Counting Leaves Playdough Math Mat. The playdough math mat is a wonderful counting activity for your preschool student.

Explore Counting and Number Quantities

The Leaves Math Mat and Cards can be used to teach one-to-one correspondence as well as counting.

This activity will help your student beyond the rote reciting of numbers and help your student to actually count the leaves as they place them on the mat.

Understanding that each number has a quantity is a skill that gives your student a good math foundation.

Benefits of Hands-on Learning with the Leaves Math Mat

The Leaves Math Mat uses hands-on learning to help your student understand the meaning of counting. When your student looks at the card, she will have to determine how many playdough leaves she needs to make and place on the card. Making and moving the leaves will engage multiple areas of her brain while she makes new connections.

This printable includes a math mat and ten cards for numbers 1-10. If your student is new to counting, you can practice counting the leaves on the card before making and placing the same number of leaves on the math mat.

Hands-on learning also provides these benefits:

  • It allows students to use their senses to explore new concepts.
  • It improves fine motor skills.
  • It allows young learners to make mistakes and problem solve.

Your student can make leaves out of playdough for an extra fine motor boost, or you can use a variety of other manipulatives. Suggested manipulatives:

  • various playdough colors (green and fall colors: yellow, orange, brown, and red)
  • small plastic or paper leaves from a craft store
  • small leaves from outside

How to Get Started with the Counting Leaves Playdough Math Mat

The printable math mat is easy to use.

  1. Print the number cards and math mat.
  2. Laminate the mat, or put it in a Dry Erase Sleeve or page protector.
  3. Gather playdough or other manipulatives you want to use.
  4. Turn the cards upside-down. Let your student choose one.
  5. Show your student how to make and place the corresponding number of leaves.

If your student has mastered counting 1-10, use the cards to introduce addition. Draw TWO cards, add the number of leaves, and place those leaves on the math mat.

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