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The Christmas birds need to make it to the North Pole to see Santa. Can your student help the birds find Santa with these free Christmas matching shapes worksheets?

Christmas Matching Shapes Worksheets

These simple print and go Christmas Birds Shapes Matching Pages are perfect for practicing shape recognition. If you have the time, sit down with your student and introduce or review the names of the shapes. You may want to count the sides of some shapes together. (How many sides can you count on the hexagon bird? One, two, three, four, five, six! Can you find the matching North Pole?)

Ten shapes are included in this Christmas Birds Shapes Matching Pages: oval, triangle, hexagon, heart, square, circle, diamond, rectangle, star, and octagon.

The goal of this Christmas Birds Shapes Matching Pages is to locate a shape on the left side of the page and then to find the same shape on the right side of the page. Draw a line from one to the other and match the shape bird to the shape sign.

You can encourage your student to get the job done by pretending that the birds have special messages to deliver to Santa in the North Pole.

Benefits of the Printable Shapes Matching Activity

These shapes matching pages promote shape recognition. You can also use them to boost fine motor skills. Students will use fine motor skills to draw lines from the bird shapes to the sign shapes.

Additionally, if you use the black and white version provided in the download, your student can use fine motor skills to color the birds and the signs.

If you want to reuse the set, simply put the page in a dry-erase pocket and let your student use a dry erase marker.

Download Your Free Christmas Matching Shapes Worksheets

To grab your free copy of the Christmas Birds Shapes Matching Pages, simply click on the image below.

Christmas Shapes Matching Activity

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