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Your student can work on fine motor skills and learn the alphabet at the same time with our free Alphabet Lacing Cards.

Sew much fun! (Okay, sorry for the cheesy pun. I couldn’t resist.)

Thanks to Helen Royston for creating the Alphabet Lacing Cards for Homeschool Share.

Alphabet Lacing Cards Supplies Needed

You just need a few simple supplies to get started with the Alphabet Lacing Cards.

  • plastic quilting needle or a shoelace
  • yarn
  • cardstock
  • laminator, if desired (to make the alphabet lacing cards sturdy for multiple uses)
  • hole punch

Alphabet Lacing Cards Instructions

Choose color cards or black and white cards. 

Print on cardstock OR print on paper and laminate. 

Cut around the letters.

Use a hole punch to make a hole on each small dot. 

Thread a plastic quilting needle and tie a knot at one end. You could also use fun-tipped yarn or dip the end of a piece of yarn in wax to make it stiff. Alternatively, you could also use a shoelace.

Show child how to sew in one hole and out the next to create the letter shapes. 

Show them how to double back to make a solid line, if desired. 

The card can be unthreaded, stored, and reused another day. 

Download Your Free Set of Alphabet Lacing Cards

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