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Grab this free set of Superhero Pattern Worksheets to go with one of our superhero themed resources, or you can use them as a simple stand-alone activity.

This set of free printable pattern worksheets is great to add to your superhero theme as you build centers and other activities for your students.

Benefits of Playing with Patterns

Patterns help preschool and kindergarten students to use their short term memories and to analyze data. Once your student can master these superhero themed pattern pages, have her copy the patterns using various manipulatives.

If the pattern on the page is ABCABCABC, have your student figure it out and use his own manipulatives to recreate the same ABCABCABC pattern. These activity sheets also include ABBABBABB patterns and ABABABAB patterns. Use your own manipulatives to experiment with various patterns.

If you want to stick to a superhero theme, you could use action figures, superhero stickers, or other superhero objects and items.

Finishing patterns, analyzing patterns, and creating patterns will help provide a foundation for future math skills.

What’s Included in the Superhero Pattern Worksheets?

The superhero pattern activity pages include four pages of different patterns for your preschool student to complete.

Some of the objects in this pattern pages set include: superheroes (girls and boys), villains, superhero words, buildings, masks, capes, and shields.

How to Use the Superhero Pattern Worksheets

The super hero pattern pages are simple to use.

  1. Print the pattern activity pages.
  2. Gather the necessary supplies: crayons, scissors, and glue.
  3. Show your student how to complete the pattern.
  4. Let your student go for it!

Note: Not all students will want to color the images, and that’s okay. We want this to be fun, not a chore. However, coloring the images in a pattern can be part of the pattern learning process.

If you have a student who is reluctant to color, consider taking turns and using it as part of the pattern learning process.

Download the Free Super Hero Patterns Worksheets

Download a copy of the free superhero pattern pages by clicking the image below.

Superhero Pattern Worksheets

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