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This classic story about a spunky duck named Ping has appealed to children since 1933. Ping lives on a boat on the Yangtze River in China; the story follows his adventures and misadventures when he explores the world around his home.

Grab our free The Story About Ping printable pack and learn more about China, the Yangtze River, and ducks.

Thanks to those who contributed to this The Story About Ping printable pack: E. Crandall, Loni, Tamara, and Shari F.

The Story About Ping Printable Activities

The Story About Ping printable pack includes these activities:

Language Arts: Copywork
Copy the quote in your best handwriting.

Social Studies: Flag of China
Color the flag and paste it inside the mini-book.

Social Studies: Map of China
Cut out the map and paste it inside the mini-book. If desired, use our China Lapbook to learn more about the country of China.

Social Studies: Geography-The Yangtze River
Learn about the Yangtze River in China.

Complete the Where Does Ping Live? envelope fold mini-book by pasting the map of China in the book. Label the Yangtze River on the map.

Complete the How Long Is the Yangtze River? simple fold book.

Science: Types of Ducks
Use the duck shape book to display the images of different types of ducks. What type of duck is Ping? If desired, use our Ducks Lapbook to learn more this type of waterfowl.

Math: Ping’s Family
Use the printable page provided to map out Ping’s family. When you are finished, count them (or use them for math problems). You can ask your student to analyze the data: How many brothers and sister does Ping have in total? Does Ping have more cousins or aunts? How many more?

Another activity with story problems is included for older or more advanced students.

Language Arts and Art: Illustrate a Poem
Read the poem together and encourage your student to illustrate it.

Language Arts (and fun!): Hurry, Ping! Game
This game will be a fun addition to your readings of The Story About Ping. Your student will use recall and comprehension skills to play the game.

How to Get Started with Your The Story about Ping Printables

Follow these simple instructions to get started with The Story About Ping printables.

  1. Buy or borrow The Story About Ping.
  2. Choose and prepare the printables you want to use with your student.
  3. Enjoy a week of reading and learning with The Story About Ping.

Get Your Free The Story about Ping Printables

Simply click on the image below to access your free The Story About Ping printables.

The Story About Ping Printables

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