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Corduroy is a lovable bear, and he has delighted multiple generations of children.

In A Pocket for Corduroy, Corduroy goes to the laundromat where he has a soapy adventure.

Thanks to Marie Drake and Rose Ann Kuhns for sharing this A Pocket for Corduroy unit study and lapbook with Homeschool Share.

A Pocket for Corduroy Unit Study Lessons

Here are some of the lessons found in the A Pocket for Corduroy Unit Study:

The World Around Me (Social Studies)

City Life
Living in a city (especially a large city) may mean that a family has less room because cities can be crowded. Some families living in larger cities and apartments aren’t able to have their own washer and dryer, so they go to the Laundromat to wash and dry their clothes. What other ways is big city life different? You may want to discuss public transportation (many people use the public transportation system because they don’t have room to store a car); you may also want to discuss that in big cities, the houses and apartment buildings are close together which doesn’t allow for large yards and play areas. Children in big cities play at the city parks.

Look through the illustrations of the book. You’ll see people with different clothing styles, different colors of skin, and even someone who sounds different (the owner of the laundromat speaks Spanish). On the very first page there is a woman on the sidewalk wearing a sari (probably a woman from India). In the laundromat, there is an individual who is Asian, and later we see the owner is Hispanic and speaks Spanish.

God made everyone different & beautiful, and those differences may come in dressing a certain way because that is the way it is done in another country, or speaking a different language, etc. It is lovely to see everyone in this story living so nicely together in a community.

Discuss what an artist is– a person skilled in one of the arts (as painting, sculpture, music, or writing). Discuss that some make a living by being an artist.

Where do your student’s relatives work? What other jobs do people have? How many different jobs can you and your student think of?


Let your student be an artist! Give her a palette of various colors and let her mix them together, as desired. Give her a piece of circle shaped paper and take some of the artist’s inspiration– paint a dryer with clothes swirling around. Fabric and Textures
Let your student play with some scraps of fabric. Some ideas include: denim, satiny, corduroy, knit, cotton/woven, burlap, felt, etc. You can do lots of different things with the fabric. Here are some ideas:

1. Cut the fabric into pieces and glue on paper to make a texture picture
2. Try sewing with a needle and thread (your student may even want to try sewing a button or a pocket on a piece of fabric).
3. Use words to describe the feeling of each kind of fabric (fuzzy, smooth, soft, silky, rough)
4. Cut two swatches of each fabric and place one of each pair into a brown sack. Give your student one of the fabrics that you didn’t put in the bag (i.e. silk). Let her feel it for a few seconds. Tell her to reach into the bag (without looking) and try to find the matching piece.

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A Pocket for Corduroy Lapbook Activities

  • I Can Print My Name Tri-fold Book
  • Sewing a Pocket on Corduroy
  • Occupations Flapbook
  • New Words Accordion
  • My Name Pocket (just like Corduroy!)
  • Jesus Loves the Little Children Shutterfold
  • The Good Samaritan Tab Book
  • My Feely Fabric Layer Book
  • City Life Matchbook
  • Bible Verse Pop-up Book

How to Get Started

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the A Pocket for Corduroy unit study and lapbook:

  1. Buy a copy of the book, A Pocket for Corduroy, or grab one from your local library.
  2. Print the A Pocket for Corduroy unit study and lapbook.
  3. Choose the lessons you want to use with your student (a highlighter works great for this).
  4. Choose and prepare the printables you want to use with your student.
  5. Enjoy a week of fun-filled A Pocket for Corduroy learning with your preschool student.

Download Your A Pocket for Corduroy Unit Study & Lapbook

Grab your free copy of the A Pocket for Corduroy unit study by clicking on the image below.

A Pocket for Corduroy Unit Study

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