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Here at Homeschool Share, we have Alphabet Lapbooks for every letter of the alphabet.

Use our Letter F Lapbook to teach lowercase f, uppercase F, and the sound letter F makes.

Thanks to Lori Sloan, Jacquelyn Binger, Robin Diedrichs, and Kelly Cooper for helping with these alphabet lapbooks and printables.

How to Use These Letter F Lapbook Printables

You can use the Letter F lapbook printables in a variety of ways:

  • You can use them as part of an Alphabet Interactive Notebook.
  • You can use one mini-book to help your student learn the letter F.
  • You can use several of the mini-books to create a Letter F Lapbook.

Letter F Lapbook Mini-books

The Letter F file includes a variety of mini-books:

  • Big Letter F to cut and paste images (images include foot, fish, fire, and fan)
  • My Letter F Book (images include feather, flamingo, and foot)
  • Finding Letter F Simple Fold Book
  • “F is the Fighting Fire Truck” Poem
  • F Pictures (includes flamingo, fox, and feather)
  • Looking for Letter F Simple Fold Book
  • My Letter Ff Art Book
  • My Foot Book Simple Fold

How to Get Started with Your Letter F Lapbook

Follow these simple instructions to get started with the Letter F Lapbook.

  1. Look through the Letter F lapbook file and determine how you want to use the printables.
  2. Print the Letter F mini-books.
  3. Get started with learning about the Letter F.

Download Your Letter F Lapbook Printables

Simply click the image below to grab your free Letter F Lapbook.

Letter F Lapbook

More Resources for Learning the Alphabet

We have lots of alphabet learning resources for your student. Check out some of these:

F is for Firefly! Check out this unit study based on Eric Carle’s book, The Very Lonely Firefly. The lapbook includes a letter F mini-book.

The Very Lonely Firefly Unit Study & Lapbook

F is also for Friend. Corduroy learns some important lessons in this sweet, classic story. The lapbook includes a letter F mini-book.

Corduroy Lapbook

F is for Foot, too. This set of printables doesn’t include a Letter F mini-book, but it includes a lot of fun for learning about feet.

The Foot Book Printables