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This set of free Jelly Bean printables includes a variety of activities for your student: practice writing, find color words, count and graph jelly beans, and more! This set of printables is perfect for Easter, National Jelly Bean Day (in April), or anytime you want to have some sweet fun with your little learner.

Jelly Bean Printables & Activities

Jelly Bean Literacy Activities

Jelly Bean Jar
This color the letter activity will help your student learn to recognize letters while practicing fine motor skills. When your student is finished, you can add in some math by encouraging her to count the jelly beans! You can count all of the jelly beans or you can count by color.

Color Word Find
Jelly beans come in a variety of colors. Find the color words in the word search.

Trace the Color Words
Practice handwriting and spelling with these trace the color words cards. If desired, laminate the cards so that your student can reuse them.

Jelly Bean Math Activities

Feed the Animals Jelly Beans
Note: You will need real jelly beans for this activity.

The animals are hungry, and they want jelly beans!

Cut apart the number cards. Place a number card next to each animal. Your student should then place the correct amount of jelly beans for each animal in the third column.

Jelly Bean Graph
Note: You will need real jelly beans for this activity.

Give your student 35 jelly beans (six different colors). Have your student color the six colors on the beans at the bottom of the page (1 orange bean, 1 white bean, etc.). If desired, have student make predictions about the beans. (Which color has the most? Which color has the least?) Count the jelly beans and make a bar graph as you go.

After the jelly bean graph is complete, you can use the data for math problems. How many more green jellybeans are there than red? How many orange and white jelly beans are there total? Have fun with this!

Jelly Bean Number Wheel
Print the wheel on cardstock. Laminate, if desired. Cut out the wheel. Write the 1-10 on ten clothespins. Let your student clip the corresponding clothespin to the correct section of the wheel.

Jelly Bean Book List

You do not need these exact books for the Jelly Bean Printables. Please use whatever jelly bean (or candy) books your library has available and read, read, read to your child.

Reading is great for language development, literacy skills, and snuggling; it is the best thing you can do with your preschool or kindergarten student.

Download Your Set of Free Jelly Bean Printables

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Jelly Bean Printable Pack

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