This website is huge. Massive. Ginormous.

Sometimes I forget what’s here.

I don’t want you to be frustrated. I want you to find what you are looking for. Please take a minute (well, three to be exact) and watch this video.

Okay, so to recap:

You can always use the search bar. Most pages have a search bar at the top, on the sidebar, and at the bottom. Look for the magnifying glass or the word search.

If you do decide to search for something, I would not search for the plural version. So, try rabbit instead of rabbits. If something is spelled with a fun spelling rule (like butterflies vs. butterfly), I would type butterfl in the search bar. Yes, seriously.

Use the bottom of the home page to navigate.

Those links and + signs are your friends.

And, if you just can’t find what you need, please message me. I am happy to help.

(12/27/21) Edited to add: I made a Lapbook Hub! This page includes all the main lapbook pages and indexes! Happy lapbooking!