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Sometimes during Christmas break, you need a break. You want to give your kids something fun to do, but you wouldn’t mind if it was educational.

This Holiday Logic Game fits the bill. It’s fun and it’s brain-building. You can’t go wrong.

The Whose Shoes? Game includes eight clue cards and eight shoes cards. The shoes belong to various holiday characters (some well-known big names and some lesser known elves): Santa, Jingle, Tinsel, Ginger, Frosty, Holly, Twinkle, and Rudolph.

In order to determine whose shoes are whose, your student will have to use careful reading (or listening if you read the clues for them) and acute observation skills. This game may seem like a fun activity, but it is actually helping them build important skills.

Your student’s objective is to match the clue card to the correct shoe card. Once your student masters the game, he or she can challenge relatives at holiday gatherings. Can they figure out whose shoes are whose?

Holiday Logic Game Preparation

Follow these simple steps to prepare the game:

  1. Print the two pages of game cards on cardstock. One page includes clues and the other page includes shoes.
  2. If desired, determine the matching cards and put the same color dots on the matching pairs. This extra step will allow your student(s) to self-check this activity.
  3. Laminate the cards for durability. This is important if the cards are going to be used by multiple students.

How to Play the Holiday Logic Game

  1. Give your student the clue cards and the shoe. Let your student use deduction skills to match the cards.

2. Challenge your student to match all of the shoes with the clues!

Note: If your student needs an easier game, start with just a few pair of the cards for her to match.

Download the Holiday Logic Game

Grab your free copy of this printable Whose Shoes? logic game by clicking on the image below.

Whose Shoes? Holiday Logic Game

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