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FREE The Yearling Story Study Lapbook

The Yearling Story Study Lapbook
Created by Helena Gosline


Lapbook Templates

Florida Facts Tab Book
Author Book Shape
Classification Layer
Penny Baxter Accordion
Sinkholes Shutter
Description Petal
Vocabulary Shape Book
Setting Shutter
Antlers Cards & Pocket
Horns vs. Antlers Flap Conflict Chart Characters Fan


Marjorie Rawlings:
Research and find out some facts about Marjorie Rawlings for your student to include in the
Author Book Shape

Born:  August 8, 1896 in Washington, DC
Died:  December 14, 1953 (age 57)
American Author
Wrote novels with rural themes and setting
Her home in Cross Creek, Florida is a state Historical Site
Near her home in Cross Creek, Florida is now a restaurant named after The Yearling.  The restaurant serves Southern food such as catfish and alligator tail.

Write one character on each piece of the fan for the Characters Fan book.

Ezra Baxter: also known as Penny, used to be in the army. Father of Jody.
Ory Baxter: mother of Jody.
Jody Baxter: the son of Ory and Penny Baxter.
Flag: Jody's pet fawn.
The Forresters: a family that lives near the Baxters.
Fodder-wing: Jody's best-friend

Setting: -- The time and location in which a story takes place is called the setting.  

Place - Where is the geographical location?

The location of this story is in the big scrub, a semi wilderness area, located between the Ocklawaha and St. Johns rivers, of North Central Florida.  The area today falls within the Ocala National Forest.  The Baxter family has settled in a clearing of pines near the "scrub"—a deeply forested stretch of land enclosed by rivers, surrounded by marshes, and inhabited by wild animals.

Time - When is the story taking place? The story takes place in the 1870s

Setting Shutter

Florida Facts
Nickname - Sunshine State
Motto – In God we Trust
State Flower - Orange Blossom
State Tree – Sabal Palm
State Animal – Panther
State Bird - Mockingbird

Florida Facts Tab Book
Learn more at this website

Vocabulary Words: (Pick and choose and add words from story that you are unfamiliar with)
Vocabulary Shape Book

Fodder:  cow pea hay
Glen:  a narrow valley
Fortress:  any place of exceptional security
Gourd:  the fruit of a vine that is related to the pumpkin, squash, and cucumber.
Hammock:  a low mound or ridge of earth
a fixed allowance of provisions or food
Fawn:  a young deer
Flank:  the side of the body
Venison:  the meat of a deer used for food

Research sinkholes and complete the book.  Include what a sinkhole is and some examples.  Some examples are Devil’s Millhopper or the one where my husband grew up – Winter Park, Florida. 
Sinkholes Shutter

Penny Baxter: Describe Penny Baxter's character in detail.  Penny Baxter Accordion

Description:  Rawlings is very descriptive in this book.  Some have even argued that it is to much so.  Good descriptions help a reader “see” what they are reading.  As you are reading look for some and write one on each petal.  Description Petal

A column of smoke rose thin and straight from the cabin chimney.  The smoke was blue where it left the red of the clay.

Its bright blade ate into the decayed center of the tree.

The first week in September was as parched and dry as old bones.

The fire blazed, the meat dripped its juices into the flames, the fragrance eddied up with the smoke.

The thick layers of fat under the hide made him roly-poly and flabby.

Conflict:  Pick and examine three different examples of conflict  in the story and log them on this Conflict Chart.

Man vs. Man (ex:  Situations between the Baxters and the foresters or Ory vs. Grandma Hutto)
Man vs. Nature (Ex.  Baxters vs. the storm or Old Slewfoot; Penny vs. the snake)

Conflict:  What is the problem?
Action:  What is done to solve the problem?
Results:  What happens as a result of the action taken?

Kingdom:  Animalia
Phylum:  Chordata
Class:  Mammalia
Order:  Artiodactyla
Family:  Cervidae
Classification Layer

Good go-along books--
All About Deer
by Jim Arnosky
Bambi:  A Life in the Woods by Felix Salten

Horn vs. Antlers:

At one point in the story Penny says flag is getting his horns.
Deer don’t have horns they have antlers.
Horns are hollow and made of hard skin.
Antlers are solid bones.

Horns vs. Antlers Flap


Deer Antlers:

Spring:  Begin as knobs and grow rapidly.  Has a velvety covering which is nourishing blood vessels.

Summer:  Antlers grow larger.  The deer’s neck swells.

Autumn:  Velvet dries and peels.  Deer help remove it by rubbing their antlers on stems of small trees.

Winter:  Antlers drop off.  Shed antlers are eaten by rodents.

Antlers Cards & Pocket

Reading Journal:  While reading keep a reading journal. 
Write a paragraph after each reading summarizing what you have read.
Do you agree/disagree with what happened?  How would you feel?
We used questions from this study guide as well.
Take notebook paper and cut it in half.  Use this for your journal sheets.  When you are done with the book staple them together and make a cover.  Glue into your lapbook or notebook.

Additional Research opportunity:
Black Bears