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D'Aulaire Pocahontas Lapbook

Pocahontas Lapbook

  Author:  Ingri & Edward d'Aulaire
ISBN: 0964380366

Summary:  First published in 1946 with the d'Aulaires's beautiful lithographic prints, this tale of the first colony at Jamestown is told about the princess daughter of the mighty chief Powhatan. When the Natives judge the white man's magic as evil, John Smith is condemned to death—only the intervention of Pocahontas saves his life and a tentative friendship is established between Pocahontas's tribe and the new colonists. The King of England sends a crown, rich robes and a royal bed to honor Powhatan and he is pleased, but the white man's insistence that the Indians give them corn to sustain them through the long winters threatens their tenuous relationship. Pocahontas's ultimate marriage to John Rolfe, the birth of their son, their voyage to England and presentation to the King and Queen is the stuff of fairy tales except that it is one of the great true stories of America's earliest days.

The following lapbook components have been created to go with the book, Pocahontas, by the d'Aulaires.  Some of the minit books require additional research.  

Note:  Some of the happenings in this book may or may not be deemed as historically accurate depending on what source you read.  You may want to read multiple books about Pocahontas in order to round out your study.

Pocahontas' Name
Use the inside of the minit book to write the meaning of her name.

Lapbook Template- Pocahontas' Name Simple Fold & Gifts from the King Simple Fold

Gifts from the King
The minit book is found in the above file.  Write in the names on the to/from gift tag.  On the inside of the book, list the gifts given to Powhatan from King James of England.

Medicine Man
Discuss the medicine man in this story.  What does your student learn about him/them?  Medicine men were spiritual leaders; the people believed them to be able to secure the help of the spirit world in order to physically (or emotionally) heal people.   They sometimes used herbs in their ceremonies to try to induce the spirits' help. 

Use the minit book to write about the information your student has gathered about the medicine man/men from the story. 

Lapbook Template- Medicine Man & Helping Jamestown

Helping Jamestown
This minit book is in the same file as the one above.   Use it to write about how Pocahontas helped the colonists.

Saving John Smith's Life
When you construct the minit book, you will have two sides.  Write about the two ways Pocahontas saved Smith's life (one under each side).

Lapbook Template- Saving Smith's Life Shutterfold

Getting Married
You have two options for this minit book.  One with prompts and one without.   If you decide to use the blank book, let your student decide what should be written in it about Pocahontas' wedding.

Lapbook Template
Getting Married with prompts
Getting Married blank

Reasons for Settlement at Jamestown
Try to research why Jamestown was settled.   Write one reason on each page.  
The Jamestown settlement was primarily settled by people looking for financial gain (gold), adventure, and thrill. They wanted to get rich and to be the first ones to get land.

Lapbook Template- Reasons for Settlement

Pocahontas' Childhood
Use the inside of the matchbook to write a description of Pocahontas as a child.

Lapbook Template- Pocahontas' Childhood & Native American Women Responsibilities Matchbooks

Responsibilities of the Native American Women
The story mentions (a few times) that the Native American women had to work during the day.  What did they do?  If you desire, research to find out more about what they did.  Use the inside of the matchbook to record your findings.   Minit book is found in the file above.

Native Americans believed in The Great Spirit and many spirits (good and bad).  Some of their dances as well as magic practices and chanting were used to appease or induce the spirits.    Compare and contrast their religion with your own. 

Lapbook Template- Religion Concept Map

In 1607 the White Man Came
Use the blank pieces of this book to write (from the Native American's perspective) about what the white men did when they came.

Lapbook Template- Ship Shape Fan

Use this book to describe the events surrounding Pocahontas' kidnapping.

Lapbook Template- Kidnapped Kettle Fan

Pocahontas' Journey
Map the route from Jamestown to London, England.  You may also want to research the year this voyage took place and write it on the map.

Lapbook Template- Map

Jamestown Map
Mark Jamestown on the map of Virginia.  Paste it in the book.  On the opposite inside page, write facts about Jamestown (or cut/paste information), if desired.

Lapbook Template- Where is Jamestown?

People to Remember
Use the printables in the file to make a pocket and people cards.   Write information on the cards and store them in the pocket.

Lapbook Template- People to Remember Pocket & Cards

Use the tab book to record new words and definitions.

Lapbook Template- New Words Tab Book