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Nature Journal Pages   So

Nature Journal Pages

So, you'd like to start nature journaling with your little explorer, but he isn't too keen on the idea of writing words down on paper or drawing pictures.  What to do?  Well, Sandra Dumas came up with the idea to let him narrate the journal while you record it down for him!  Instead of having her son draw a picture, she adds an envelope to the bottom of the page for him to place his nature treasure in. 

You can allow the student to write his answer if you wish.
You can take a picture of the object and put it on the bottom of the page-- especially if your nature walker likes to bring home bulky items (like sticks or rocks as my 4 year old does!). 
You can let them draw a picture at the bottom of the narration if they want to.

I have created some pages based on Sandy's idea (she contributed the text/questions to ask your nature journalist); I just made the text colorful and added some nature-y-ish borders.   I am printing 5-6 color copies of each page (other than the cover) for our journal.  It should last us for the rest of the summer and on in to the fall.  When it's complete, I will take it and have it bound with a spiral comb (sold at Staples).   My son will be *so* proud of his nature book!  

We hope you will have fun exploring God's Great Big World! 


Journal page with Bugs Border

Journal page with Flowers Border

Journal page with Butterflies Border

Journal page with Trees Border

Journal page with Birds Border