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Leonardo's Horse

by Jean Fritz
illustrated by Hudson Talbott

ISBN: 0399235760

Highly recommended website for use during this study: 

Free Ebook from WOWIO-- Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Inventions You Can Build Yourself by Maxine Anderson

Social Studies: Vinvi, Florence, and Rome, Italy

Social Studies -- Characteristics of an Artist: Why would the people of Vinci, Italy not be surprised that Leonardo would become an artist? The story says taht he stopped to examine things and that he carefully looked at the land to see the details. The illustrations show Leonardo with drawing pads and brushes. Having an eye for detail is one characteristic of an artisit. Always drawing, practicing is another.

Social Studies -- Characteristics of a Genius: A genius is a very smart person. _________. Often a person is considered to be a genius will not only be smart, but he will also be "different." Remember how the story said that people noticed Leonardo was different? Do you remember how he was different (dressed differently, wrote backwards, wouldn't eat meat, etc)

Social Studies-- Occupations
Leonardo wasn't only an artist...what else was he? 

History -- The Renaissance: During the Middle (Dark) Ages, people forgot things that had been known before. They no longer read, or made new inventions, etc. Leonardo lived at the time when the Middle Ages had ended and people had begun to learn again. They became curious again and started inventing things again. This time was called the Renaissance. Leonardo was not only an artist, but also an inventor. He continually creating new things....bridges, cannons, armored tanks, parachutes, etc.

Have an older student along for the ride?  Try Renaissance Learn N' Folder (Jr. High- High School)

Great Artist -- Leonardo DiVinci
--Mona Lisa
--The Last Supper

Art -- Drawing Muscles: Locate a picture of a muscular person and point out the various muscles shown to your student. Show your student the last picture in the book (the statue) and point out the various muscles to your student. Have your child practice drawing various muscles.

Art -- Drawing Horses:
Equine Enlarging:

Art -- Sculpture: Give your child some clay or playdough to create a sculpture.

Science -- Anatomy & Physiology:

Science -- Inventions:

Science -- Horse (and Horse Anatomy)

Field Trip ideas:

Are you close to one of these places:
Grand Rapids, Michigan -- see the American Horse!
Milan, Italy -- see Leonardo's Horse!
Allentown, Pennsylvania -- visit DaVinci Discovery Center (Opened 30 Oct 2005)