Fun Summer Unit Studies: Butterflies

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Summer is the perfect time to study all things creeping, crawling, and flying. Lots of children are fascinated by caterpillars and the metamorphosis they undergo.

Your little learners can enjoy our Very Hungry Caterpillar unit study and printables.

Your older students will absorb lots of information from our Butterfly Lapbook lessons and printables.

Butterfly Lifecycle Craft

Check out this simple pasta craft depicting the lifecycle of the butterfly.

Supplies Needed: shell pasta, bow tie pasta, spiral pasta, 3 navy beans, a twig, green construction paper (for leaves), and a paper plate.

Directions: Ask your student to draw a + on her paper plate. Write the four stages of the lifecycle on the plate: eggs, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly. Cut out two leaves from the construction paper. Glue one to the eggs section. Add three beans for eggs. Glue another leaf to the caterpillar section. Add the spiral pasta. Glue the twig to the chrysalis section. Add the shell pasta. Finally, glue the bow tie pasta to the butterfly section. Add antenna with a marker.

Easy and effective!

If you’d like to give your butterfly study a boost, add other snack, craft, project, and art ideas from our butterfly themed Pinterest board.

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