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The topic of PONDS is such a huge topic that could encompass so many different subjects!! I have a few ideas to share with you today on how to do a Pond Study with your children!

Ponds Unit Study from Homeschool Share; learn about fish, frogs, turtles, dragonflies, and more!

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A Book Worth Reading: Scoot!

Spring is such a great time to learn about pond life! As the weather finally begins to warm up, kids love to get their feet in the water and see what creatures are out and about. Scoot! by Cathryn Falwell is the perfect book to share with your little one if you’re visiting the water–or if you’re just wishing you were!

Six turtles sit like statues on a log in the pond as every other kind of animal you can imagine jumps, flies, splashes, and swims all around them. Paying no attention to everyone else, they rest and enjoy the sunshine until the wind stirs up the waves and the sedentary turtles become suddenly become speedy turtles as the jump off their log and swim away.

Scoot! isn’t a storybook, but it is one of those wonderful picture books that can be used with a variety of ages and levels. Obviously, this is a good resource for learning about the animals that live in and around ponds. Pictured are the many creatures mentioned in the text, along with many others that aren’t discussed. It’s fun to see who you can find hiding on the page! Falwell also has included a section called “Notes from Frog Song Pond” where she shares more information about some of the living things she observed near her home as she was working on the book. Scoot! would also be a terrific book for teaching about word choice. Animals don’t just run and swim and fly, they dash and glide and hover. These precise words help you picture the scene perfectly—and wouldn’t it be fun to try to act these words out?

Falwell’s artwork is absolutely beautiful. Like Steve Jenkins (who, you may remember, is one of my all-time favorite illustrators), Falwell uses paper collage to create her woodland scenes. The texture on each page brings the animals to life and the detail is impressive. If your young artists are inspired by the illustrations, there is a section in the back of the book where Falwell shares ideas on printing different textures—a great way to add some art into your pond life study!

Scoot! is entertaining and educational and just plain fun to look at. Check it out and get outside and enjoy the warming weather!


May’s Making the Days Count Activity Calendar

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“The year’s at the spring,
And day’s at the morn;
Morning’s at seven;
The hill-side’s dew-pearled;
The lark’s on the wing;
The snail’s on the thorn;
God’s in his Heaven—
All’s right with the world!”

–  Robert Browning, The Year’s at the Spring

We know that not all is right with the world, but walking out into the sunshiney beauty of May and seeing the trees leafing out and the blossoms abloom sure makes us feel that at least something is right!   God is in His Heaven; He is in control, and we know that one day He will make all things right with the world!  His love is shown to us daily in the little things. Take the kiddos out and find them!

You can also make the days count this month with a few of the activities suggested on our May activity calendar.

Happy Memory-Making!