Show & Tell ~ Robin Hood

There are so many fascinating things to study during the Middle Ages period, but I think one of the favorites is the story of Robin Hood.  We are also studying the Middle Ages this year in our homeschool, and the boys were fascinated with Robin Hood, remembering the Disney movie’s portrayal as I read from our Mystery of History book.  Homegrown Learners also recently stopped their regular history lessons to go down a rabbit trail.

I love how she is using her British accent to read and study more about this time period.  What a fun way to keep it exciting for her students!  There is SO MUCH information on the Homeschool Share study of Robin Hood.  You don’t have to plan anything extra!



Mary is the mother of 2 children who choose the Delight Directed path, when the opportunity arises. Mary blogs their homeschool adventures at Homegrown Learners.