Show and Tell ~ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


Last school year, my boys and I decided to read through the entire CS Lewis series, The Chronicles of Narnia.   All of us enjoyed the books and I’m glad I waited until they were a bit older to go through the series.  We were better able to discuss the parallelism between his stories and the Bible.

Homeschool Share has a wonderful lapbook that goes along with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.   Debbie and her children, from Our Cup of Tea, completed the lapbook and had a great time doing it!

I love the imagination involved in drawing what Lucy may have seen.  I think someone who has not seen the movie may have different ideas.

And maybe the best part of the entire book study would be making and sampling Turkish Delight!

I love how Debbie brought in pieces from Homeschool Share’s beaver animal study to fill in about the beaver family in the story.

You can see more of what Debbie has done at her blog, Our Cup of Tea.  Debbie and her husband and 3 children live in the UK.  Her oldest, age 10, completed this lapbook – but I’m sure there was some help from his younger sisters.

Show and Tell: Summer Olympics

With the 2012 Summer Olympics quickly approaching, I wanted to remind you all about this free Olympics lapbook that Homeschool Share has available.  Many of the lapbook pieces from the 2008 Summer Olympics lapbook that Homeschool Share offered are the same as you find in the 2012 lapbook.  One major exception would be the country study of where the Olympics is taking place — England.


Here is an example of the 2008 Summer Olympic lapbook from Learning at His Feet.


The entire family worked on this one lapbook together.  Each child had a special part in creating this masterpiece.  There are many things you can do with a study this large.  They have chosen to combine pieces from Homeschool Share and Grace Bound books.



There is much information about Beijing and China throughout this lapbook, including what your name would look like in Chinese.  (when you are doing the 2012 Olympic study, all the country information, of course, will be about England.)




The highlight of the lapbook is the Symbols and Traditions of the Olympics and little mini books about many of the more popular events.  It really helps the child to understand what they are watching when they see the Olympics in action.  It’s fun for the kids to choose a “favorite” event and follow it all the way through!  (I know on the regular networks, it’s hard to catch some of these events even being covered.  If you have access to some cable or satellite networks, you’re more likely to see some of the rarely covered events.)



This is a great mapping activity to include in your study.  Amazing to see how many different places the torch travels!



This is a huge lapbook! Here you can see the list of participating countries. Wow!



Great job on this lapbook, kids!  And a wonderful way to get the kiddos engaged in watching the Olympics and make it more personal.  You could even replicate some of the events at your own house and hold a “Family Olympics”.  This would be a great idea for a family reunion also where you have more people to join in!


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