April Grand Giveaway — Trailblazer Books (and a free book for everyone!)

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This month our Grand Giveaway sponser is Trailblazer Books by Dave and Neta Jackson.


The award-winning TRAILBLAZERS are action-packed historical fiction novels introducing great Christian heroes. Each page-turning book portrays a significant period in a hero or heroine’s life and ministry as seen through the eyes of a young protagonist. A page in the front of each book explains exactly what is fiction and which events and characters are historical, and a “More About” chapter at the end provides a brief biographical overview of the hero’s life.

There will be FOUR winners! Each winner receives the CD with all 40 Trailblazer eBooks! It also contains 8 curriculum guides to go along.

Plus, everyone is getting a freebie!

The kind folks at Trailblazer Books are offering all of you the chance to download a FREE book, Kidnapped by River Rats, at this link:

Click to download your free gift!

For those of you who don’t win, you can purchase the Premium Edition CD with all FORTY books ($320 value) for $39.60. It includes PDF, ePub, and MOBI formats for Kindle, Sony, Nook, KOBO, and iPad. This really is a wonderful deal, especially considering some of these wonderful books are now out of print!

Click here to view a free sample.

To enter the giveaway, visit the Trailblazer Bookshelf and then come back to tell us which book you think your child would read first.

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I hope you win!


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December Grand Giveaway

This month’s Grand Giveaway is truly GRAND, because EVERYONE gets it! Enjoy this free eBook from our friends at The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine!


Have you ever wondered what you could do differently with some of the “stuff” you see around your home?

With a spark of low-cost creativity and a few simple instructions –you’ll be amazed!
Design fun, easy-to-make learning aids and imaginative organizing tools using household items –and dream of your best homeschool year yet!

TOS provides plenty of idea filled pages in the E-Book:

Dreams and Designs–Homemade Supplies to Complement Your Homeschool

Why not dream about things we would like to improve in our homeschools? Donna Campos shares many things that she personally wanted in her homeschool, and in her childcare home prior to homeschooling, and with almost 70 full color photos and detailed descriptions she’ll walk you through the process.

Chapters cover a broad range of supportive materials for homeschool use and include:

  • Creative use of display boards as calendars and for various theatrical presentations.
  • Instructions for cutting display boards for use as personal partitions or activity centers, with activity center ideas included.
  • A makeover for a simple computer desk for use as a schooling cart, along with great “spark” ideas for makeover possibilities in your own home.
  • Timelines using plain old manila file folders that perform double duty when storing history related assignments.
  • Index cards for use as activity cards in initiating creative writing assignments, categorizing, increasing observational skills, or developing verbal discussion ability.
  • Using household organizers for use in homeschooling –things like plastic storage items and plain old large envelopes are innovatively represented.

Imagine using a single display board, the kind often used for science fair projects, for multiple uses over time. Begin using it as a story viewing tool –your children will have a blast drawing their own stories on scrolls of paper! Use the same board as a puppet theater, and after years of use when you think it has thoroughly done its job, cover it with felt and you have continued use of the same item as a flannel board! These are the kinds of ideas you’ll find in Dreams and Designs, and you will learn many more.

Design incredibly imaginative personal partitions for students of all ages that sit easily on a table or counter, and provide a little self-expression and artistic creativity.

Excitedly watch the faces of grandparents and friends when they come into your schoolroom or hallway covered in a timeline made from file folders, clearly representing some of the knowledge your children are gaining. (And watch how much fun the children are having making it!)

Spend hours enjoying cut and paste time as a family by designing a collection of index cards cut from old magazines for use in educational activities that can be used for years to come or given as a gift to a new homeschool family!

Imagine your preschoolers using an old photo frame modified with felt so it can be used as a tray for use with tangram or other plastic shapes in silent activities.

Give new life to small furniture pieces in ways you never imagined –provide division between work spaces, ready storage for lapbooking and notebooking projects, or mobile storage that is easily moved from office to schoolroom to living room.

Never see plastic closet organizers and large manila envelopes lying on your desk in the same way again. Gain a whole new perspective as these items will store puppets and puzzles or become perfect displays for your children’s handiwork when used in new ways!

This is one resource you’ll want to use throughout the school year.

Would you like to see more?

Transform your “stuff” into something useful for your homeschool –by tomorrow!


Click here to download your free gift! (link will expire on January 31, 2013)  


Merry Christmas from your friends at The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine!


P. S. You can also read The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine free each month at www.TOSMagazine.com or through a free mobile app from www.TOSApps.com.

June Grand Giveaway


This month, we here at Homeschool Share are extra excited about this month’s Grand Giveaway.

Our own Ami Brainerd has published a beautiful copywork book for boys, Copywork Lessons for Future Heroes. This brand new book is filled with  passages to copy including scriptures (NIV); quotes about perseverance, honesty, hard work, and courage; inspiring poems; and fables full of wisdom. The purpose is to give your boys, grade 3 and up, true, noble, and excellent things to think about.

Ami is generously giving 3 copies of this downloadable book for the June giveaway!


To enter to win this fabulous giveaway, use the Rafflecopter below. I hope you win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway