Coral Reef Unit and Lapbook

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Coral Reef Unit Study and Lapbook from Homeschool Share

Have you vacationed yet this summer? Are you dreaming of the beach or an ocean adventure? Maybe you won’t make it that far, but you can experience some amazing¬†summer learning with our Coral Reefs Unit Study and Lapbook. Explore the deep blue from your home with these books, lessons, lapbook, art activities, and snack.


Start your study with Homeschool Share’s free Coral Reef Lapbook (includes lessons).

Free Coral Reef Study and Lapbook

Book Basket

Nonfiction Books

One Small Square Coral Reef by Donald Silver and Patricia Wynne
Coral Reefs by Gail Gibbons
DK Publishing 24 Hours Coral Reef
Life in a Coral Reef by Wendy Pfeffer

Art & Craft Projects

Clay Sea Rocks

complete lesson on K-6 Art

Clay Sea Rocks Lesson from K-6 Art

Colored Chalk Coral Reefs

lesson found at

Oceans Scenes and Coral Reefs from

Clownfish Art Project

free lesson from Home Art Studio‘s 5th Grade Curriculum

Polymer Clay Coral Reefs

from Megh Callie’s Art Blog

Polymer Clay Coral Reefs

Cardboard Coral Reef Sculpture

by Elementary Art Fun

Coral Reef Cardboard Sculpture by Elementary Art Fun

Sea Snack

Gone Fishing Snack

by Blue Skies Ahead

Gone Fishing Snack from Blue Skies Ahead