Fall Fun ~ A Bucket List

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Over the past year (or so) we’ve given you three bucket lists that you can customize for your family:

Winter Bucket List

Spring Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

We are finally adding a Fall Bucket List to the line-up. Yay!

Download the free file, and then choose twenty activities you’d like to do with your children. Type them right on the page, and print it! Have fun making memories together.

If you need additional ideas, you could check our fall activity calendars.

1. Go apple picking.

2. Harvest nuts.

3. Go on a leaf walk and identify as many leaves as you can. Bring along a guide book.

4. Visit your local pumpkin patch.

5. Enjoy S’mores over a fire in your backyard.

6. Bake Pumpkin Cookies.

7. Make crayon cookies.

8. Use the crayon cookies from #7 to make leaf and bark rubbings.

9. Learn more about spiders.

10. Plant some bulbs (daffodil, tulip, hyacinth) for spring flowers.

11. Read How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. Make an apple pie together!

12. Carve pumpkins.

13. Go on a hayride with friends.

14. Cook up some applesauce.

15. If your Farmer’s Market is open, visit. Buy some fall produce, such as a new kind of winter squash to taste together.

16. Rake a huge pile of leaves for JUMPING!

17. Craft an apple print wreath.

18. Study fruits and nuts.

19. Volunteer to work at your local soup kitchen.

20. Bake pumpkin pie.

21. Make Funny Fall Faces (after a nature walk).

22. Construct Leaf Crowns.

23. Collect scarves, mittens, hats, and coats for those who are in need for winter.

24. Drink hot apple cider together.

25. Create lovely salt dough leave prints.

26. Have each family member start a Thankfulness Journal or Thanksgiving Leaf Fan Book.

27. Decorate your home with a pretty paper leaf garland or some twisted paper leaves.

28. Go on a nature walk and scout for animal signs.

29. Start a countdown to Thanksgiving.

30. Bake  Snickerdoodle Cookies.

31. Craft Coffee Filter Fall Leaves.

32. Read Leaf Man and make some leaf people or leaf art.

33. Roast pumpkin seeds.

34. Find your way through a corn maze.

35. Knit something cozy.

36. Learn more about squirrels.

37. Make caramel apples.

38. Paint pumpkins.

39. Visit an elderly person and rake their leaves for them.

40. Create a thankfulness tree.

41. Pop a big batch of popcorn and have a family movie (or game) night.

42. Bake an apple cake and take it to a neighbor.

43. Concoct  pumpkin pie play dough and play!

44. Build a scarecrow.

45. Find a local festival to attend.

46. Serve pumpkin dip with apple dippers.

47. Craft a sunflower door hanger.

48. Preserve fall leaves.

49. Bake a batch of pumpkin granola.

50. Collect canned goods for your local food pantry.

November’s Making the Days Count Activity Calendar

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November’s Making the Days Count

Activity Calendar

Another month of wonderful opportunities to create some fun memories with your children!  Choose a few and make your days count!

I have a couple of special prayer requests relating to this month.

November is National Adoption Month.  As you probably know, the Brainerd family–owners of Homeschool Share–are trying to adopt a sibling set from Colombia.  Please pray for their adoption journey and their future children.  If you’re able, please help their current adoption fundraising efforts by purchasing a bag of coffee beans either for yourself or as a gift for someone you know.

On November 8 in 1922, surgeon Christiaan Barnard was born.  In 1967, he and his team would perform the first human heart transplant.  What does this have to do with my second request?  Well, one sweet little 9 year old girl I’ve met has already benefited once from Dr. Barnard’s pioneering work.  However, that heart got damaged by illness, and now Maxine is awaiting a new heart.  I’m asking y’all pray for her, the wait, the surgery, and the recovery.   You can read Maxi’s story on her Facebook page Maxi Needs A New Heart.

And on behalf of everyone at Homeschool Share, may you and your family have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

October’s Making the Days Count Activity Calendar

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Making the Days Count

Activity Calendar


Woo hoo . . . it’s the one year anniversary of our Making the Days Count activity calendars!  We hope you’ve enjoyed them over the past year, and that you’ve made lots of wonderful memories with your children.

We’re kicking off our second year with lots of fun!  This month you can plan a trip to the roller rink, eat pizza, learn about explorers or earthquakes, bake apple brown betty and oatmeal, create art like Ed Emberly or Picasso, and so much more.  Go through the possibilities and choose some that your children will enjoy.  Not only will you be creating great memories with your kids, but you’ll really be making the days count!