August Make the Days Count Activity Calendar

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August is National Aviation Month and gives multiple opportunities to learn about flight! Amelia Earhart completed a non-stop flight across North America on August 25, 1932. Wilbur Wright’s birthday is August 19, 1867. That same day is also National Aviation Day. The classic children’s book, The Glorious Flight, was written by Alice Provensen whose birthday is also in August!

August also brings us National Picnic Month and several delicious days to celebrate such as National Frozen Custard Day, National Raspberry Cream Pie Day, National Banana Split Day, and even Eat a Peach Day! You could even eat a yummy peach while on a picnic.

Whether you are at the park picnicking, in the kitchen making cherry turnovers, or studying dogs or the history of flight–make some wonderful memories and make the days count!

Click on the calendar below to grab this month’s calendar.


August’s Making the Days Count Activity Calendar

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It’s hard to believe August is upon us. Does summer go by super fast at your house, too?  I’m sure the summers were longer when I was a kid!  I remember the summer days being filled with reading, hiking in the woods, climbing waterfalls, swimming in the creek or the neighborhood pool, playing cards, yakking with friends, picnicking with family, going to the outdoor movie theater, picking flowers, working in the garden, and more.  Now we always seem to be on the go! Our summer is  mostly filled with preparing for and going to horse shows and our county/state fair.  August means wind down time for us–getting ready to start school again.

Even if your summer has been crazy busy and you’re gearing up for school again too, there is still time to sneak in a few more fun, summertime activities with the children!  Our August calendar has lots of great ideas to help you have fun with the last full month of summer!  And, because August is American Artists Appreciation month, be on the look-out for special posts on the blog about American artists.

Until next time, hug your kids and make the days count!