Kung Fu Panda Inspired Learning

Are your kids Kung Fu Panda fans? Jazz up your homeschool lessons with some Kung Fu Panda inspired learning! Homeschool Share offers lots of free resources to help you on your way.

In preparation to go see Kung Fu Panda 3 at the theater, my boys and I re-watched Kung Fu Panda 2 last weekend.

About ten minutes in to the show, I realized, “Hey! We have a Panda Lapbook at Homeschool Share; I should probably mention that on Facebook.” And then I tried to make a mental list of the Furious Five. I asked the boys to rattle them off. “Tiger, Mantis, Viper, Monkey, Crane.”

I tried to make another mental list. Do we have lapbooks for ALL of these Kung Fu Panda animals on Homeschool Share?

Panda? Yes! One of our first-ever animal studies was the Giant Panda Lapbook.

Giant Panda Animal Study and Lapbook at Homeschool Share

Tigress? Yep. Here is our Tiger Lapbook.

Tiger Animal Study and Lapbook at Homeschool Share

Mantis? Check-check. We have a Mantis Lapbook.

Praying Mantis Animal Study and Lapbook at Homeschool Share
Viper? Well, we have a Snake Lapbook, and it mentions vipers. Good enough.

Snake Animal Study and Lapbook at Homeschool Share

Monkey? Yessiree. Monkey Lapbook. If you want to learn more about the species seen in the movie, research Gee’s Golden Langure.

Crane?      Crane?      Crane?      Nope.     Sigh.

Really, friends. I had one and only one option: begin the research for a Crane Lapbook. I finished up the new templates last night, and now ask me. Go ahead. Ask.

Crane? Yeehaw! Yes m’am, we have a lapbook!

Cranes Lapbook at Homeschool Share

So, if your kiddos are bananas-bonkers for Kung Fu Panda movies, you might want to ask them which character is a favorite and spend some time learning more about that animal. You could also take a few lapbook pieces from each study and combine them for a big Kung Fu Panda lapbook. And if you have a child who is over the moon about Kung Fu Panda, you could complete all six studies for a ginormo-sized notebook!

And because Homeschool Share is kind of like “The Song That Never Ends,” you can also check out our China Lapbook and our Lapbook-Any-Movie.

I hope “The Song That Never Ends,” isn’t stuck in your head the rest of the day, and I also hope you remember to stop at Homeschool Share to find resources to complement whatever you are studying (even if it isn’t Kung Fu Panda!).

Image credit:
“Golden langur” by The original uploader was Amartyabag at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Ekabhishek using CommonsHelper.. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons 

The Homeschooler’s Guide to Valentine Unit Studies

You can make Valentine’s Day fun and educational at the same time! Take a break from your regularly scheduled programming, and try one of these unit studies.

To plan for your unit study, simply scan through the lessons and choose the ones you want for your students. Make sure you print the coordinating printables. Gather supplies around your house or add them to your shopping list. Then you are ready!

Literature Based Unit Studies & Lapbooks

Chocolate Unit Study and Printables from Homeschool Share
Seriously? Chocolate? Yes. You can study anything, and the topic of chocolate provides lots of lessons: rain forest, process of making chocolate, all kinds of math fun (graphing, fractions, and more!), creative writing and thinking, nutrition, and cooking. Maybe your homeschool needs something fresh and exciting? This could be your free ticket to entice your kids to come running for school.

Cranberry Valentine Unit Study and Printables from Homeschool Share
Cupids, ribbons, roses–we all know the Valentine’s Day symbols, but what do they mean? Find out with this great literature based unit study! This unit also provides lessons on the post office, letter writing, holidays, ratio, the human heart, blushing (why do we blush?), and cross hatching (art). Don’t forget to finish out your unit by making the cranberry upside-down cake; the recipe is provided at the end of the book.

Frog Went A-Courtin’ Unit Study and Printables from Homeschool Share
This classic book is based on an old folk song and has been crowned with a Caldecott for its superb illustrations. The unit study we have for this title is packed full of great lessons: Scotland, France, Appalachia, animal classification, frogs, ballads, repetition, apostrophes, pronouns, similes, story sequencing, song writing, monochromatic art, caricature, details and art, and more! Lots of great printables accompany the lesson.

The Valentine Bears Unit Study and Printables from Homeschool Share
Such a sweet story by Eve Bunting. Mr. and Mrs. Bear usually sleep through Valentine’s Day, but not this year. Learn more about St. Valentine, insects (especially ants), make your own “chocolate covered ants,” write a poem like Mrs. Bear, make a list, discuss ways to love others, memorize John 4:7-8, think up some synonyms, and play with rhyming words, too. My oldest son loved this unit study when he was in early elementary.

The Valentine Cat Unit Study and Printables from Homeschool Share
A long fairy tale in picture book form, this study is suitable for 3rd-4th graders. This unit includes so many lessons; you will have to click the link to see them all! Lots of various topics of study are included: antonyms, prepositions, fairy tales, types of sentences, compound words, the human heart, fire, pet care, cats, polygons, Denmark, Medieval times, Medieval jobs, and even Medieval punishments. Don’t miss this one!


Thematic Unit Studies

History of St. Valentine and Valentine Symbols Unit Study from Free Homeschool Deals
Learn the history of St. Valentine along with the meaning behind Valentine symbols with this unit. Unit includes lessons on history, geography, language, science, and more. Printables are provided for activities such as crossword puzzles, dot-to-dot pages, and color by number.

Love Your Neighbor Unit from Proverbial Homemaker
This unit focuses on how to love others. It includes a devotional, scripture cards, a way to bless your neighbors, and copywork. If you can’t afford to spend an entire week on a unit study, you could get this one done in a day.

Unit Study Helps

Here are a few bonus finds to help you with your study. You could use the notebooking pages for an older student who is completing research independently.

Valentine’s Day Notebooking Pages, Cards, and More!

Valentine’s Day Notebooking Pages

Valentine’s Day Love Quotes and  Copywork Pages


Looking for more Valentine’s Day fun? Try our Valentine’s Day Pinterest board


Are you going to include some Valentine’s Day fun into your school lessons this year? We would love to hear about it!

Pizza Learning Activities

If you are starting to lose your sizzle for school,
If your kids are starting to whine,
It might be time to try something a little different.
It might be time for–
Pizza School!

Pizza Unit Study Learning Activities

I know. It sounds wild, but you can use pizza as a theme for school. We have a brand new Little Nino’s Pizzeria lapbook to help you accomplish the mission.

Little Nino's Pizzeria Lapbook and Extra Pizza Themed Learning Activities from Homeschool Share

Little Nino’s Pizzeria Lapbook includes:

  • Teamwork
  • List Making
  • Process Writing
  • Copywork
  • Design Your Own Menu
  • Pretend Play Printables
  • Graphing
  • Fractions
  • Story Problems
  • Cut Paper Pizzas

My personal favorite activity in this lapbook is the Design Your Own Menu. I had gobs of fun writing descriptions for my menu. Your student will type right on the template!

Little Nino's Pizzeria Lapbook Includes a Custom Menu for Kids to Make!

Book Basket

I’ve compiled my top five children’s pizza themed picture books here:

  1. Little Nino’s Pizzeria by Karen Barbour
  2. Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig
  3. Pizza at Sally’s by Monica Wellington
  4. The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza by Philomen Sturges
  5. Pizza for the Queen by Nancy F. Castaldo

Pizza Science

Pizza Science: Experimenting with Yeast (Pizza Learning Activities)

Follow these links to find yeast science experiments for kids:

Computer Games

Learn fractions with this interactive pizza game from Soft Schools

Pizza Fraction Game
Create your own pizza pie and bake it with this game from ABC Ya

Create Your Own Pizza Game


Learn how to make homemade pizza dough!

Watch how frozen pizzas are made at the factory.

Easy Pizza Recipes

A few simple, tasty recipes to get you cooking! Many local pizza parlors will also welcome you for a field trip.

Find More Pizza Theme Ideas!

Find even more Pizza Learning Activities on our Pinterest Board
 Follow Homeschool Share’s board Pizza Themed Learning Activities on Pinterest.

Grocery Store Theme for Preschool

Are you overwhelmed trying to decide which themes to do with your preschooler? Bears? Beach? Butterflies?

Consider trying a Grocery Store Theme–it will connect real life to real learning! We have made your life a little easier, too, by compiling amazing ideas right here in one post.

Grocery Store Learning Theme for preschool and kindergarten. Includes ideas for fine motor skills, pretend play, free printables, math and language activities, crafts, art projects, and more from The Homeschool Share blog

Your first stop should be Homeschool Share to grab the Going to the Grocery Store Lapbook. It includes grocery store themed activities to help your child learn about shapes, colors, money, healthy eating, food groups, sorting, tracing, cutting, and more!

Going to the Grocery Store Lapbook Printables for Preschool Grocery Store Learning Theme from Homeschool Share

Stock Your Book Basket

Next find some good literature to include in your study. Here are our top six grocery store themed picture book picks for you.

  1. Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert
  2. Don’t Forget the Bacon by Pat Hutchins
  3. Good Enough to Eat by Lizzy Rockwell
  4. Milk: From Cow to Carton by Aliki
  5. At the Supermarket by Anne Rockwell
  6. Shopping with Dad by Matt Harvey

Put Together a Pretend Play Grocery Store

You can easily put together a dramatic play grocery store for your students. Shop through the list below; all the printables are free!

Free Printable Groceries for Pretend Play from Moms & Crafters

  • Printable Can Labels
    Print Can labels at Pre-K Pages. This post also includes printable bar codes, an idea for pretend play Parmesan cheese, and more!
    Printable Can Labels for Grocery Store Pretend Play
  • Printable Grocery Store Signs and Name Badges
    Find these printables here on the Homeschool Share Blog. The free download includes: Open Sign, Closed Sign, and Store Hours Sign, and Name Badges.

FREE Grocery Store Pretend Play Printables from Homeschool Share

  • Print these Food Photo Cards from You Clever Monkey. Add them to your pretend play to create a print rich environment.

Add fruit and vegetables cards to your grocery store theme and create a print rich environment. (Cards from You Clever Monkey)

More Grocery Store Learning Fun

  • A fun art activity for your grocery store theme would be Corn Painting. Head over to Fun-A-Day to find the instructions for this process art activity.

Corn Painting Process Art Activity from Fun-a-Day

  • Have your student cut coupons from the newspaper to boost fine motor skills.
  • Get two copies of the same coupons and make a memory matching game for your student to play.
  • Create pretend play food with Play-doh.
  • Make an easy sensory box with rice, beans, or dried pasta. Include some of your pots and pans for pretend cooking fun.
  • Put together a Nutrition Sensory Bin. The Chaos and the Clutter blog has simple instructions for this box along with ideas for teaching your child nutrition concepts.


  • Your preschooler can help wash the fruits and vegetables you buy this week.
  • Build a tall tower out of empty pasta and cereal boxes!

Growing Vegetable Soup Unit Study and Lapbook Printables from Homeschool Share


Follow Homeschool Share’s board Grocery Store Theme for Preschool on Pinterest.

Have an older student? Try Homeschool Share’s Cooking Unit and Lapbook!

Happy Grocery Store Learning!

Grocery Store Pretend Play Printables

FREE Grocery Store Pretend Play Printables from Homeschool Share

Have you tried our Going to the Grocery Store Lapbook yet? It is packed with learning fun for your preschooler!

Here are a few grocery store  pretend play printables to add to your Grocery Store Theme:

  • Open for Business Sign
  • Sorry We’re Closed Sign
  • Name Badges
  • Store Hours Sign

If you laminate the name badges and the store hours sign, your student can use a dry-erase marker to add her name to her badge and hours to the store hours sign.

You can grab the downloads here:

Download Grocery Name Badges

Download Grocery Store Pretend Play Signs

Follow Homeschool Share’s board Grocery Store Theme for Preschool on Pinterest.

 Follow our Grocery Store Theme Pinterest Board for more learning activities!

Dog Unit Study and Lapbook

Raise your hand if you have an animal loving kid!

I sure do.

And September 20-26 is National Dog Week for 2015, so it’s the perfect time to learn more about these furry friends.

Free Dog Unit Studies and lapbooks at Homeschool Share

Homeschool Share has 12 unit studies and lapbooks with a dog theme. Blank dog lapbook templates are also available for those who want to do their own thing.

You can find all of our dog unit studies, lapbooks, and printables on our Dogs Connections Page.

Dogs Connections Page at Homeschool Share


Just pick a study and add some of the fun extras here: books, art activities, and cooking fun; you will have a full learning adventure!

Book Basket

Preschool Books

Doggies by Sandra Boynton
The Poky Little Puppy by Janette Sebring Lowrey
Whistle for Willie by Ezra Jack Keats
Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack
Angus and the Cats by Marjorie Flack
Angus and the Ducks by Marjorie Flack
If You Give a Dog a Donut by Laura Numeroff
How Much Is That Doggie in the Window? by Iza Trapani
Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone by Iza Trapani

Elementary Books

Pretzel by Margaret Rey
Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion
Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann
Five True Dog Stories by Margaret Davidson
Why Is Blue Dog Blue? by George Rodrigue
National Geographic Kids Everything Dogs by Becky Baines
How to Speak Dog: A Guide to Decoding Dog Language by Aline Alexander Newman

Read Alouds & Chapter Books

Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo
Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls
Old Yeller by Fred Gipson
Lassie Come Home by Eric Knight
Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes
The Underneath by Kathi Appelt

Art & Craft Projects

Blue Dog Art Lesson from Deep Space Sparkle

Learn about famous artist George Rodrigue while you draw and paint a blue dog.

Are You Blue Dog's Friend- Art Lesson from Deep Space Sparkle

Newspaper Dog Collages from Doodlebugs Teaching Blog

Find even more inspiration for this project at the Paste website.

Newspaper Dogs from Doodlebugs Teaching


Dog Art Lesson from Deep Space Sparkle

Deep Space Sparkle Lesson on Drawing and Painting Dogs

Paper Dog Origami

Arlo Needs Glasses Art Lesson from Deep Space Sparkle

Arlo Needs Glasses ~ Art Lesson from Deep Space Sparkle

Cooking Fun

Adorable Chocolate Puppy Cupcakes from Cupcakepedia

Adorable Chocolate Puppy Cupcakes by CupcakePedia

Dog Bone Pretzels

This was a featured recipe from Cook with Books. Turn your kids into chefs with this fun recipe.

Dog Bone Pretzels

DIY Dog Treats!

Three recipes for your little chefs found at Kids Cooking Activities

Dog Treat Recipes Kids Can Make

Are you looking for more ideas? No problem!

Dog Unit Study Board on Pinterest