2016 Summer Olympics Unit Study & Lapbook

Free Lapbook for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio

The Summer 2016 Olympics are coming, and now is the perfect time to start planning your Olympics unit study!

The official dates for the games are August 5th-August 21st, providing a fun way for you to start your school year.

Stop by Homeschool Share and  pick up some free lapbook printables for the Olympic games.

Olympic Unit Study & Lapbook

This lapbook includes:

  • Geography: Mapping the route of the Olympic torch; Flags;
  • Math: Graphing medals;
  • History: Traditions & Symbols of the Olympic games; Olympic Timeline; Ancient Olympic History; Modern Olympics
  • Science: Health & Nutrition;
  • Language Arts: Write an athlete’s biography; other writing exercises
  • Art: Design an Olympic Logo

Summer Olympics Bonus Lapbook Materials

We also offer a few lapbook items specific to the Summer Olympics. These include:

  • Tracking the weather in Rio
  • Matchbooks with descriptions of events for the Summer Olympics
  • Shape books to record track events as well as water events

Brazil Lapbook

Since the 2016 Olympics are being held in Rio, you may want include a study of Brazil within your Olympics unit study. This lapbook provides a simple overview for Brazil with mini-books on the following topics: time zone, population, culture, sports, religion, animals, landmarks, the flag of Brazil, and simple phrases in Portuguese.

In addition to the lapbooks above, you can find more fun ideas on our Olympics Pinterest Board.

Happy Homeschooling!

20 Amazing Activities for Learning about the Rainforest

Children are fascinated by the rainforest! Incredible animals, giant plants, yummy fruit, chocolate–the rainforest is packed with learning possibilities. If you are planning or considering a rainforest unit study for your homeschool, check out these 20 learning activities including games, lapbooks, snacks, crafts, coloring pages, a famous artist connection, and art projects!20 Rainforest Learning Activities from The Homeschool Share Blog

1. The Great Kapok Tree Unit Study & Lapbook

2. The Parrot Tico Tango Unit Study

3. The Umbrella Unit Study

4. Chocolate Unit Study & Printables

5. Sloths Lapbook

20 Rain Forest Learning Activities from The Homeschool Share Blog

6. Manatee Lapbook

7. Brazil Lapbook

8. Play with a Pineapple and Learn All About Bromeliads

9. Fruit Tree Snack

10. Virtual Visit to the Rainforest

20 Rain Forest Learning Activities from The Homeschool Share Blog

11. Interactive Learning Activity from Sheppard Software

Click on the animals (sloth, jaguar, macaw, tamarin, and poison dart frog) to learn!

12. Chalk Pastel Rainforest Animals

13. Read about famous artist, Henri Rousseau, and create your own Rousseau Jungle

14. Rainforest Habitat Diorama

15. Toco Toucan Drawing Lesson

20 Rainforest Learning Activities from The Homeschool Share Blog

16. Make a South America Animal Map

17. Rain Forest Coloring Pages

18. Animal Mosaic Art Project

19. Twisty Snake Sculptures

20. Rainforest Survival Challenge iPad app

20 Rainforest Learning Activities from The Homeschool Share Blog

Happy Learning! Be sure to check out our Rainforest Connections Page, too!

National Public Garden Day

FREE Gardening Unit Studies from Homeschool Share

May 6th is National Public Garden Day, so it’s a wonderful time to get out and enjoy some of the beauty in your community!  It’s also a great time to share some books with your kids, so we have some suggestions for you–and some even have free units at Homeschool Share!

FREE Literature Based Unit Studies and Printables

Holly Bloom's Garden

Holly Bloom’s Garden:  Holly is frustrated when she can’t get her flowers to grow like her mom’s and her siblings’ flowers do.  After trying all kinds of solutions, she finally comes up with a foolproof way to have a beautiful garden!

The Gardener

The Gardener:  Young Lydia Grace is sent to the city to live with her uncle during the Depression.  In her quest to hold on to her country life and to make her uncle smile, Lydia Grace begins a garden in the city, making it a better place for everyone.

Miss Rumphius

Miss Rumphius:  You may already be familiar with this story, which tells how Miss Rumphius achieved her goals of traveling the world, living by the sea, and making the world a more beautiful place.  If you haven’t read it before, this is definitely one that belongs on your library list!

The Trellis and the Seed

The Trellis and the Seed:  The little seed wants to be a big vine, but its dream seems impossible, in spite of everything it has been told.  This story reminds readers that with time and patience and faith, we can achieve great things!

Garden Themed Books for Your Book Basket

In the Garden

In the Garden: Who’s Been Here? by Lindsay Barrett George:  This simple picture book is a guessing game, too!  Two children are exploring their garden and trying to figure out who else has been there from clues that have been left behind.

Jack's Garden

Jack’s Garden by Henry Cole:  This is a garden-themed take on “The House that Jack Built” that also shares more detailed information on plants and animals found in the garden, too!

Planting the Wild Garden

Planting the Wild Garden by Kathryn O. Galbraith:  We usually think of gardens as spaces that have been deliberately planted, but this book focuses on how things are “planted” in the wild.

The Curious Garden

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown:  This is probably my favorite gardening book and the best one for the day!  Liam lives in a drab and dreary city, until one day when he finds a few plants growing on an abandoned railway.  Over time he learns more about the plants and eventually changes the entire landscape!  The story is great and Peter Brown’s illustrations are gorgeous.

Zinnia's Flower Garden

Zinnia’s Flower Garden:  Monica Wellington’s books are so wonderful because they have a simple story and nice bright illustrations, which are great for younger kids, but your older kids will enjoy them, too, because of the details (both in pictures and words) she includes in her illustration borders.  This story begins with Zinnia planting her seeds in the spring and follows her garden through the summer and into the fall, when she harvests the seeds to use the next year.

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms by Julia Rawlinson: Fletcher is alarmed to find that snow is falling when it’s time for animals to come out from their winter’s naps and flowers to bloom, so he spreads the word throughout the forest.  When they all go to investigate, though, they find that the snowflakes are actually huge white blossoms.  The story is sweet and the illustrations are beautiful.  We love the Fletcher books!

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett would be a perfect chapter book read aloud!  Follow the adventures of three young children who find an abandoned garden.

Check out the Homeschool Share Plants Connections page for more fun ideas!

Frog Unit Study and Lapbook

FREE Frog Unit Study

You can start planning your frog unit with Homeschool Share’s FREE Frog Unit Study & Lapbook.

FREE Frog Unit Study & Lapbook from Homeschool Share

Book Basket

All About Frogs by Jim Arnosky

Frogs by Gail Gibbons

Frogs, Toads, and Turtles by Diane Burns

Growing Frogs by Vivian French

Watch Me Grow Frog by DK Publishing

Art Ideas

Royal Frogs

by Very Mom

Paint and tissue paper collide in this bright royal frog art project.

Royal Frogs by Very Mom

Texture Frogs

from Art with Mrs. Seitz

Texture Frogs from Art with Mrs. Seitz

Frogs with Woven Eyes

by That Artist Woman

Frogs with Woven Eyes by That Artist Woman

Rizzi Frogs

From Art with Mrs. Seitz

Frogs in the style of famous artist, James Rizzi.

Rizzi Frogs from Art with Mrs. Seitz

Craft Projects

Paper Plate Frog Mask

from My Little 3 and Me

Paper Plate Frog Mask from My Little 3 and Me

Jumping Frogs

from Free Kids Crafts

Jumping Frogs from Free Kids Crafts


Food Fun

Frog Sandwiches

from The Chaos and the Clutter

Fun Frog Sandwiches from The Chaos and the Clutter

Grape and Apple Frogs

from Clean and Scentsible

Apple Frogs from Clean and Scentsible

Pin Board

Find even MORE Froggy Fun on our Frog School Pinterest Board!

Frog Theme Pinterest Board

Younger Student Hopping Along?

Try our Frog Frolic Kindergarten Kit

Frog Frolic Kindergarten Kit from Homeschool Share

Wildlife Lapbooks for Your Animal Lover!

Do you have a young animal lover? National Wildlife Week is coming!

The 2016 celebration, which will take place March 14-19, has a theme of Members Matter: Working Together for Wildlife. Throughout the week, the National Wildlife Federation will highlight members and programs that have made a positive difference for wildlife in areas across the nation, from helping to preserve polar bear habitat to planting milkweed for monarch butterflies.

Learn about wildlife with these 20 FREE animal studies & lapbooks from Homeschool Share

You can celebrate with the National Wildlife Federation, and you can also learn more about some amazing animals! I give you permission to ditch your science books for a week and let your student choose one of our free animal study lapbooks to dig deeper about wildlife.

Bears Animal Study & Lapbook

Beaver Animal Study & Lapbook

Butterflies Animal Study & Lapbook

Chipmunk Animal Study & Lapbook

Deer Animal Study & Lapbook

Dolphin Animal Study & Lapbook

Ducks Animal Study & Lapbook

Eagle Animal Study & Lapbook

Fox Animal Study & Lapbook

Freshwater Turtle Animal Study & Lapbook

Gray Wolf Animal Study & Lapbook

Hedgehog Animal Study & Lapbook

Honeybee Animal Study & Lapbook

Prairie Dogs Animal Study & Lapbook

Rabbit Animal Study & Lapbook

Raccoon Animal Study & Lapbook

Salmon Animal Study & Lapbook

Sea Turtle Animal Study & Lapbook

Storks Animal Study & Lapbook

Whales Animal Study & Lapbook

Enjoy studying these animals during National Wildlife Week or ANY time!

Homes for Birds

This week is Homes for Birds Week (February 7-13)–a great reason to explore these learning opportunities with your students!

The second week of February is National Homes for Birds Week. Craft, build, book, play, and cook with these wonderful bird home activities! from Homeschool Share

Create a Bird Notebook

Start your Bird Study with Homeschool Share’s Backyard Bird Notebook.

FREE Backyard Birds Notebook Pages and Lapbook Templates from Homeschool Share

This FREE resource includes 21 printables pages of mini-books you can pick and choose from as you study the birds in your neighborhood.

Homes for Birds Play

You can invite your children to build, pretend, and play with bird’s nests!

Invitation to Build a Bird Nest from Munchkins and Moms
Invitation to Build a Bird Nest from Munchkins and Moms
Building Nests: Six Creative Pretend Play Ideas
from Craftulate
Building Play Nests from Craftulate
Play-doh Bird’s Nest from Fantastic Fun and LearningBird Nest Playdoh Invitation from Fanastic Fun and Learning

Homes for Birds Crafts & Cooking

Try some of these fun crafts & cooking projects.

Simple Paper Plate Nests from Mum in the Madhouse
Simple Paper Plate Nest from Mum in the Mad House
Easy Bird House Craft from Artsy Momma

Wooden Bird House Craft for Kids from Artsy Momma
Chocolate Cornflake Nests from Mum in the Madhouse

Chocolate Cornflake Nest from Mum in the Madhouse

Help the Birds

During Homes for Birds Week, you can do something really special for the birds! Build a bird house or help the birds by providing nesting material.

DIY Build a Bird Nest with these plans from Planet Smarty Pants
DIY Build a Birdhouse for Kids from Planet Smarty Pants
Build a Birdhouse (buy a kit) Build a Bird HouseBird Nesting Material Activity from Craftulate
If you don’t have the energy or resources to build a bird house, you can still help the birds by giving them materials to build a nest.
Bird Nesting Material Activity from Craftulate
Help the Birds Build Their Nests from What Do We Do All Day?
Help the Birds Build Their Nests from What Do We Do All Day?
Looking for more bird ideas? Follow our Bird School board on Pinterest.


The second week of February is National Homes for Birds Week. Craft, build, book, play, and cook with these wonderful bird home activities! from Homeschool Share