Owls in the Family

A Book Worth Reading: Owls in the Family

Do you have one of those adventurous children who always loves to try new things?  Or perhaps an animal lover who wants to rescue every creature he sees?  Then Farley Mowat’s Owls in the Family needs to be in your family reading basket!  (Or perhaps not, as you may not want to have owls in your family!)

Owls in the Family begins with two young boys, Bruce and Billy, hunting for an owl’s nest on the Saskatchewan prairie.  Their plan is to get some baby owls that they can raise as pets, but mama owl foils their attempts.  After a storm, though, they go back to check the nest and find it has been destroyed.  A single owlet has survived, though, and they and take him home to care for him, deciding to call him Wol. A couple of weeks later, Billy comes upon some boys tormenting a small owl and trades his pocket knife to the bullies in exchange for the tiny animal.  This owl, named Weeps, also comes to live with Billy’s family.

The owls become part of the family–along with the rest of Billy’s menagerie–and develop their own personalities.  There are so many funny stories in the book, like the disastrous pet parade and the visiting minister who is shocked to find an owl on his shoulder.  Owls in the Family has lots of sweet stories that will make readers laugh, and at the end, will make them a little sad as Billy has to find them a new home.

Owls in the Family is a short chapter book (just under 100 pages), so it makes a good choice for a younger reader to tackle independently or for a short read aloud for the whole family.  Either way, you will enjoy this sweet and funny story–and probably learn about owls, too!

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2 thoughts on “Owls in the Family”

  1. This is one of my own favorites from childhood, and I just read it with my 8 year old this spring! It’s a wonderful book. He’s now devouringThe Dog Who Wouldn’t Be by the same author, about the dog mentioned in Owls in the Family. 🙂

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