Lady Liberty: A Biography

A Book Worth Reading: Lady Liberty by Doreen Rappaport (book review from the Homeschool Share Blog)

Over one hundred years ago, a group of French men joined together and discussed a 100th birthday gift to America. The two countries had a history of friendship, even to the point of French soldiers joining in the fight for American independence. After a decade, the discussion led to concrete plans for the Statue of Liberty, and the story of how she came to be is told through the eyes of many of the different people involved in the process in Lady Liberty: A Biography.

Doreen Rappaport begins by sharing the story of her grandfather, a Latvian immigrant more than a century ago, who saw the Statue of Liberty as he first came to his new home. She then tells the story of how the statue came to be, from the first thoughts of a gift from France to America to the design and the construction and all the way to the unveiling of the completed statue in 1886. There are well-known people in the stories, like Gustave Eiffel and Emma Lazarus, as well as lesser known individuals who had a hand in bringing the dream of Lady Liberty to life. To complete the collection of perspectives, the author finished by including quotes from different immigrants about their first thoughts on seeing the Statue of Liberty. Also included in the back of the book are different dates and statistics related to the statue that your fact collectors will love!

Of course we’ve all seen pictures of the Statue of Liberty, but illustrator Matt Tavares manages to help us see this well known monument with fresh eyes. The statue is shown in various stages of construction and completion. I especially like the picture looking down into the statue as workers climb the scaffolding and hang from ropes to do their jobs. Tavares also shows many of the individuals in their everyday lives. With the last vignette there is a fold out picture of the completed statue that is beautiful and helps younger readers gain more perspective on the size.

We all know the facts about the Statue of Liberty, but Lady Liberty: A Biography brings those facts to life for readers!

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