The Wiggle Jar

The Wiggle Jar: free printable jar label and activity cards with ideas to give your students breaks throughout the school day (from Homeschool Share)

Sometimes in the middle of a four digit subtraction problem, I find one of my children on the verge of a brain meltdown–as in brain juice is starting to run out his eyes. I have learned to catch him pre-meltdown and ask him if he would like to ride his bike around the block or jump on the trampoline.

He has proven over and over that he does need physical movement in order to get his brain unstuck.

Other kids tend to have lots of wiggles they need to work out. And some tend to grow sluggish and slumpy by early afternoon.

My friends, Kelly and Candace, had similar students in their own homeschools. As I mentioned last week, I am pulling treasure out of the long lost archives of the Homeschool forum, Yahoo group, and depths of the main site. I found a seven-year-old very buried file–Kelly’s Wiggle Worm Jar. A day later I discovered¬†Candace’s activity cards.

I took their great ideas, combined them, and updated the images. Now we have a fresh and shiny Wiggle Jar to share. Thanks so much to Kelly and Candace for sharing their ideas long ago.

Most of the ideas don’t require any equipment, but some do. Here are the items needed:

  • trampoline
  • exercise ball
  • jump rope
  • hula hoop
  • something to make a circle (you could use yarn, your hula hoop, or your jump rope)

I can’t wait to get a jar ready for my boy. ¬†I hope you will find them useful in your own homeschool, too.

The Wiggle Jar Activity Cards FREE Printable from Homeschool Share

Download Your Free Wiggle Jar Label and Activity Cards Here

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