Apple Matching Math for Preschool

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Apple Matching Math for Preschool from Homeschool Share

Here is another apple math activity for your youngest student.


1. Download the Apple Math Matching File Folder Game.

Apple Matching Math for Preschoolers from Homeschool Share

2. Cut out the pockets. Glue them to a file folder.

3. Cut out cards. Laminate the cards.

4. Show your student how to add the correct cards to each pocket: “This pocket needs one red apple and one green apple.”

5. Let your student sort until all the cards are in pockets.

6. Celebrate with a hand in the air and big proud smile! Hooray!

Apple Matching Math

If you are looking for more Apple Fun, visit our Apple Connections Page at Homeschool Share

Apple Connections Page at Homeschool Share includes apple themed lapbooks, unit studies, printables, and more!

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