Grocery Store Theme for Preschool

Are you overwhelmed trying to decide which themes to do with your preschooler? Bears? Beach? Butterflies?

Consider trying a Grocery Store Theme–it will connect real life to real learning! We have made your life a little easier, too, by compiling amazing ideas right here in one post.

Grocery Store Learning Theme for preschool and kindergarten. Includes ideas for fine motor skills, pretend play, free printables, math and language activities, crafts, art projects, and more from The Homeschool Share blog

Your first stop should be Homeschool Share to grab the Going to the Grocery Store Lapbook. It includes grocery store themed activities to help your child learn about shapes, colors, money, healthy eating, food groups, sorting, tracing, cutting, and more!

Going to the Grocery Store Lapbook Printables for Preschool Grocery Store Learning Theme from Homeschool Share

Stock Your Book Basket

Next find some good literature to include in your study. Here are our top six grocery store themed picture book picks for you.

  1. Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert
  2. Don’t Forget the Bacon by Pat Hutchins
  3. Good Enough to Eat by Lizzy Rockwell
  4. Milk: From Cow to Carton by Aliki
  5. At the Supermarket by Anne Rockwell
  6. Shopping with Dad by Matt Harvey

Put Together a Pretend Play Grocery Store

You can easily put together a dramatic play grocery store for your students. Shop through the list below; all the printables are free!

Free Printable Groceries for Pretend Play from Moms & Crafters

  • Printable Can Labels
    Print Can labels at Pre-K Pages. This post also includes printable bar codes, an idea for pretend play Parmesan cheese, and more!
    Printable Can Labels for Grocery Store Pretend Play
  • Printable Grocery Store Signs and Name Badges
    Find these printables here on the Homeschool Share Blog. The free download includes: Open Sign, Closed Sign, and Store Hours Sign, and Name Badges.

FREE Grocery Store Pretend Play Printables from Homeschool Share

  • Print these Food Photo Cards from You Clever Monkey. Add them to your pretend play to create a print rich environment.

Add fruit and vegetables cards to your grocery store theme and create a print rich environment. (Cards from You Clever Monkey)

More Grocery Store Learning Fun

  • A fun art activity for your grocery store theme would be Corn Painting. Head over to Fun-A-Day to find the instructions for this process art activity.

Corn Painting Process Art Activity from Fun-a-Day

  • Have your student cut coupons from the newspaper to boost fine motor skills.
  • Get two copies of the same coupons and make a memory matching game for your student to play.
  • Create pretend play food with Play-doh.
  • Make an easy sensory box with rice, beans, or dried pasta. Include some of your pots and pans for pretend cooking fun.
  • Put together a Nutrition Sensory Bin. The Chaos and the Clutter blog has simple instructions for this box along with ideas for teaching your child nutrition concepts.


  • Your preschooler can help wash the fruits and vegetables you buy this week.
  • Build a tall tower out of empty pasta and cereal boxes!

Growing Vegetable Soup Unit Study and Lapbook Printables from Homeschool Share


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Happy Grocery Store Learning!

Grocery Store Pretend Play Printables

FREE Grocery Store Pretend Play Printables from Homeschool Share

Have you tried our Going to the Grocery Store Lapbook yet? It is packed with learning fun for your preschooler!

Here are a few grocery store  pretend play printables to add to your Grocery Store Theme:

  • Open for Business Sign
  • Sorry We’re Closed Sign
  • Name Badges
  • Store Hours Sign

If you laminate the name badges and the store hours sign, your student can use a dry-erase marker to add her name to her badge and hours to the store hours sign.

You can grab the downloads here:

Download Grocery Name Badges

Download Grocery Store Pretend Play Signs

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Cook with Books: Mouse Mess

Read More

Cook with Books: Mouse Mess from the Homeschool Share Blog

My nieces came to visit for an “Art Day,” and I decided we could throw in a “cooking” project, too. After all, culinary art is art!

We read Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley–a short, rhyming romp about a mouse who snacks his way through the kitchen. After the tale, we got started on our cracker snacker lunch.

Cracker Snackers

I gathered lots of fun ingredients. I split the dining room table into two spaces for the girls to work. One side was savory. The other side was sweet.

You could use any of the following combination of ingredients for the savory snackers:

  • Crackers, Appetizer Bread (bases)
  • Sliced Boiled Egg
  • Sliced Cucumbers
  • Sliced Tomatoes
  • Peanut Butter (and Jam)
  • Cheese Spreads
  • Cheese Slices
  • Pepperoni or Ham Slices
  • Olives, Pickles (for toppers!)
  • Goldfish Crackers (another good topper)

Cook with Books: Mouse Mess (Homeschool Share Blog)

You can really let your imagination go wild for the sweet snackers:

  • Graham Crackers (base) Did you know they come in cinnamon and chocolate, too?
  • Peanut Butter
  • Nutella
  • Vanilla Pudding
  • Fruit Slices (any kind!)
  • Berries (for toppers)
  • Mini Chocolate or Peanut Butter Chips (a favorite, for sure)

Cook with Books: Mouse Mess (from Homeschool Share)

I let the girls go to work, and work they did. The combinations were fantastic and delicious!

Cook with Books: Mouse Mess (from Homeschool Share)
Happy Eating & Happy Reading!

Cook with Books Pinterest Board

Apple Matching Math for Preschool

Did you know about the gobs of buried treasure on Homeschool Share? Probably not. In an effort to get these resources back in the hands (and printers!) of educators, we will be highlighting them here on the Homeschool Share Blog.

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Apple Matching Math for Preschool from Homeschool Share

Here is another apple math activity for your youngest student.


1. Download the Apple Math Matching File Folder Game.

Apple Matching Math for Preschoolers from Homeschool Share

2. Cut out the pockets. Glue them to a file folder.

3. Cut out cards. Laminate the cards.

4. Show your student how to add the correct cards to each pocket: “This pocket needs one red apple and one green apple.”

5. Let your student sort until all the cards are in pockets.

6. Celebrate with a hand in the air and big proud smile! Hooray!

Apple Matching Math

If you are looking for more Apple Fun, visit our Apple Connections Page at Homeschool Share

Apple Connections Page at Homeschool Share includes apple themed lapbooks, unit studies, printables, and more!